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Top 13 Hottest Spots for 2013

Portsmouth, New Hampshire--(January 2013)--"We consulted our travel crystal ball to find places and vacation 'styles' on the verge of discovery, or prime for rediscovery, in 2013," says Mike Thiel, Founder and President of Hideaways International™ Inc. ( ). "Our 'Top 13 Hottest Spots for 2013' are unique, not heavily touristed, and away from the mainstream. And each celebrates those special things, like pristine beauty, that set them apart from every other place or experience."'s Top 13 Hottest Spots for 2013

1. The Phillipines
2. The Maldives
3. Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
4. The Basilicata Region, Italy

5. St. Vincent
6. River Cruising in Portugal
7. Stateside Vacation Rentals
8. Expedition Cruising in New Zealand

9. Myanmar
10. Cartegena, Colombia
11. Ireland
12. Oahu, Hawaii

13. St. Barth

And here's a little insight into why each destination made the list.

1. The Philippines. Here, you'll find the kind of unspoiled beaches and world-class diving you dream of, along with unexpected delights like paddle-boating to Cambuhat Oyster Farm. Recommended hideaway: Eskaya Beach Resort.

2. The Maldives. This idyllic island nation has white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, and coral reefs plus surprises like exotic, easy-going, and exciting Malé, the world's smallest capital city. Recommended hideaway: Taj Exotica Resort & Spa.

3. Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. With its gorgeous Pacific coastline and beaches, this region north of Puerto Vallarta now has a collection of brand-new luxe hotels, residential areas, and golf courses. Recommended hideaway: Hotel Cinco.

4. Basilicata Region, Italy. Enjoy stunning "hill town" beauty along with plenty of elbow room-and cave dwellings, castles, and coastlines-in this not-yet-prime-time region of southern Italy. Recommended hideaway: Palazzo Margherita.

5. St. Vincent. Part of the string of islands and cays that includes the Grenadines, St. Vincent celebrates classic Caribbean heritage with its sleepy villages and often empty, pristine beaches . . . and now it has its first luxury resort. Recommended hideaway: Buccament Bay Resort.

6. River Cruising in Portugal. Slow way down and experience the best-and often least-touristed parts-of Portugal's bucolic Douro River in 2013, thanks to more river cruising options with brand-new ships sporting all the bells and whistles.Recommended cruise lines: AmaWaterways and Uniworld.

7. Stateside Vacation Home Rentals. Renting a vacation home is enjoying a surge in popularity for its space, privacy, personality, and affordability, especially stateside. Recommended hideaways: Villa rentals in popular places like the Outer Banks, Florida Keys, Colorado, San Diego, New York, and Chicago.

8. Expedition Cruising in New Zealand. This adventurous style of cruising allows you to travel like a pampered insider with exciting and edifying itineraries-perfect for a multi-faceted destination like New Zealand. Recommended cruise line: Lindblad Expeditions.

9. Myanmar. In transitioning from communism to democracy, this previously closed country now has a new openness and plenty of travel treasures to discover, like impressive temples, lively antique markets, and the national noodle dish called monhinga. Recommended hideaway: The Governor's Residence .

10. Cartagena, Colombia. After suffering from a bum rap (think drug cartels), Colombia has turned itself around, and its urban seaport on the northern Caribbean coast is safe and inviting, with an historic yet hip Old Town and proximity to white-sand beaches. Recommended hideaway: Hotel Quadrifolio.

11. Ireland. Touring this fabled land's 40 shades of green is a "must" this year with The Gathering Ireland 2013 , a series of events and festivals celebrating Irish history and culture. Recommended hideaways: Ballynahinch Castle , and any number of Ireland's elegant country-house estate hotels.

12. Oahu, Hawaii. With better and cheaper airfare, and more inter-island transportation options, it's easier to get to and around Hawaii. Oahu is the hottest island for its beauty, activities, and recent updates. Recommended hideaways: Ko Olina Beach Villas Resort and The Kahala Hotel & Resort.

13. St. Barth. This eight-square-mile island with 17 pristine beaches offers a bit of European-flavored elegance in the Caribbean. Once a favored playground for the international glitterati, it has focused more on its natural beauty since the global recession.Recommended hideaways: Hotel Le Toiny and Le Sereno.

"Let's face it, a 'hot' destination is only hot if you discover it before the crowds," says Mike. "And each one of our hottest spots offers a special something worth experiencing this year. My best advice? Go now, before the rest of the world discovers our little secrets!"

About Mike Thiel
Mike Thiel founded Hideaways International TM in 1979. Over the last three decades, he has traveled the world sampling its best lodgings and travel experiences, and has become a sought-after guest on radio and television news and talk shows across the country.

To arrange an interview with Mike Thiel, contact Gail Richard at 603-430-4433, ext. 112, or

About Hideaways International™
Hideaways International, Inc., which operates the Hideaways Aficionado ® Club, has been seeking the best-of-kind and the out-of-the-ordinary for its savvy, discerning, and well-traveled members for more than three decades. Members, who hail from around the world, range from notable celebrities, musicians, publishers, authors, captains of industry, and politicians to ordinary folks with extraordinary taste. All are part of this lively community with a passion for travel away from the madding crowds.

For more information, visit or contact Gail Richard at 603-430-4433, ext. 112, or

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