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Contact: Gail Richard
603-430-4433 x112

Poll Results: 78% of High-End

Travelers Want to Visit Cuba

Portsmouth, NH—August 18, 2009—A poll conducted by found a surprising number of upscale travelers are interested in having travel to Cuba opened to all Americans. In fact, 78% of these high-end travelers say they are anxious to visit Cuba if/when the U.S. allows open travel to the country; 11% agreed the U.S. should open travel to Cuba, but don't plan to go there any time soon; 3% are neutral on the subject; and only 8% say the ban should not be lifted.

"Cuba is a country that embodies the best of the Caribbean," claims Mike Thiel, founder and president of Hideaways International™, "and having been stuck in a time-warp under the Castro regime makes it quite unique."

Thiel ought to know. His American parents were living in Havana when he was born, and he traveled there frequently through his adolescent years, until his grandparents were evicted from the country. "The last time I was in Havana was in the summer of 1960, and, sadly, I knew it would be a long time before I returned," he said. "Cuba's people are warm and friendly, and the country has a great culture, fabulous beaches, and lots of history to offer the visitor. The fact that much of its traditional architecture has been preserved and its people unspoiled by the trappings of our fast-paced life and homogenized institutions will, hopefully, be a plus for its future development."

Travel to Cuba for Americans has been severely restricted since the Castro revolution of 1959. If the "Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act" passes, it seems likely that affluent travelers soon will be visiting Cuba's must-see sights like Havana's Old City and Morro Castle, touring cigar factories and buying their highly regarded wares, and, of course, enjoying its fabulous beaches, fishing, and maybe a taste of the lifestyle that once drew Hemingway there.

One long-time Hideaways Aficionado® Club member recently returned from Cuba and reported to fellow club members that its citizens are indeed friendly, its live music scene creative and prolific (he even played with the famous Groupo Compay Segundo!), and its art inspiring, but that its food is far from gourmet. His report is in the most recent issue of Hideaways Life™, the club's member-only newsletter. This member said the most polite way to characterize Cuba's food is to suggest travelers not go there for the dining experience. "I remember it differently," says Mike, "but the cuisine will no doubt improve when economic barriers start to fall and Cuba has access to the world's cornucopia. Overall, our member considered himself fortunate to have been able to visit Cuba, and hopes other travelers are soon able to do so as well."

Please note: This Hideaways Aficionado Club member was able to travel to Cuba as part of a humanitarian group. One of Hideaways' respected tour partners is currently arranging a humanitarian group tour for Americans to journey to Cuba November 1422, 2009. With this tour, travelers will carry much-needed medical supplies, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, clothing, and school supplies to share with the Cuban people. The tour will begin in Havana, with a visit to the Old City, a local cigar factory, churches and synagogues, and a rum factory. The tour also includes the Bay of Pigs, the Zapata Peninsula, the city of Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, located in a former sugar-cane-growing region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour originates in Cancun; rates start at $4,595/person, double occupancy. Contact Hideaways Travel Services to book this unique experience at 800-843-4433 or

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Hideaways International, Inc., which operates the Hideaways Aficionado Club, has been seeking the best-of-kind and the out-of-the-ordinary for its savvy, discerning, and well-traveled members for more than three decades. Members, who live around the world, range from notable celebrities, musicians, publishers, authors, captains of industry, and politicians to ordinary folks with extraordinary taste. All are part of this lively community with a passion for travel away from the madding crowds.

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