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Hideaways International's Top 10 for 2011
New Travel Finds, Old Favorites Redone, and the Oprah Effect

Portsmouth, New Hampshire--(January 2011)--"If real estate is all about location, travel is all about destination, and as I look into my travel crystal ball for 2011, I'm seeing destinations prime for discovery--or rediscovery--that are each appealing for unique and diverse reasons," says Mike Thiel, Founder and President of Hideaways InternationalTM (

1. United States--Montana
This state is becoming a bastion for elegant ranch resorts where you can kick back, enjoy "Big Country" land- and sky-scapes and myriad outdoors activities, including epic fly-fishing, and be pampered with spa treatments and excellent cuisine.

2. Canada--British Columbia
With the scintillating city of Vancouver as its anchor (which gained international popularity after the 2010 Winter Olympics), BC is appealing to more and more outdoors-loving travelers who also appreciate big-city frills and sophistication.

Hideaways International's
Top 10 for 2011

1. United States--Montana
2. Canada--British Columbia
3. Caribbean--Grenada, Curacao, and Tobago
4. Europe--Portugal
5. Mexico--Mayan Riviera and Riviera Nayarit
6. South America--Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Colombia
7. Asia--India
8. Southeast Asia--Vietnam
9. Oceania--Australia
10. Cruising--River Cruising and Barging

3. Caribbean--Grenada, Curacao, and Tobago
LalunaThese are up-and-coming destinations in a less-visited corner of the Caribbean. Grenada has it all; lush mountain forests; white-sand beaches; villas and boutique resorts; and a Caribbean-of-yesteryear ambiance. Newly independent Curacao is stretching its wings with new luxury resorts and a Dutch/Caribbean flair. Tobago, the southernmost part of the region, is another Caribbean original; it just scored new direct air service from the U.S., making it easier to discover.

4. Europe--Portugal
This is one of the most interesting, diverse, affordable, and easily toured destinations in Europe. It's easy to experience medieval cities and villages, the summer mountain and hunting escapes of kings, and classic European beach resorts and casinos, and its Douro wine district has an appeal that rivals anything in France or California.

5. Mexico--Mayan Riviera and Riviera Nayarit
In spite of negative press about its drug wars and safety situation, Mexico continues to grow in its appeal--especially the Mayan Riviera and the Riviera Nayarit (north of Puerto Vallarta) because of their culture, beaches, and bargain rates.

6. South America--Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Colombia
South America is gaining in popularity, especially Brazil as it gets ready to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. But Argentina and Chile, with their ruggedly beautiful landscapes, mountains, vineyards, and vibrant cities, will also draw interest. For the adventurous, Bolivia has a lot to offer. And Colombia will evolve into one of the new "in" destinations, especially along its Caribbean shores.

7. Asia--India
IndiaEver interesting and exotic, with an economy that's humming along, India offers more diverse cultures, landscapes, and attractions than anyone could appreciate in one visit. It's also quite a magnet for culture buffs.

8. Southeast Asia--Vietnam
The bad memories have mostly faded, and lots of boomers who served in Vietnam are reaching an age where they have the time and inclination to revisit. Add to that lots of new luxury hotels, an intriguing culture, and good beaches and you have the makings for real travel appeal.

9. Oceania--Australia
Three words: The Oprah Effect. Oprah Winfrey recently took an entire studio audience from her daytime show to Australia; the episode is set to air this year, which will surely result in a big boost in travel plans to the land Down Under!

10. Cruising--River Cruising and Barging
River Cruising and BargingRiver cruising and barging in Europe and Asia, as well as on the Nile and Amazon rivers, is getting ever more popular, and it's a good value for the money when you consider everything that's included. You can see the best of Europe's cities and countryside, the antiquities of Egypt, the wilds of the Amazon, and the rivers of China and Southeast Asia, all in comfort and style without constantly unpacking/packing.

"Some of Hideaways International's Top 10 Destinations for 2011 you know, others may be new to you," says Mike. "But each one offers a special something worth experiencing this year. And remember, there is no time like now to explore, dream, discover!"

About Mike Thiel
Mike Thiel founded Hideaways InternationalTM in 1979. Over the last three decades, he has traveled the world sampling its best lodgings and travel experiences, and has become a sought-after guest on radio and television news and talk shows across the country.

To arrange an interview with Mike Thiel, contact Gail Richard at 603-430-4433, ext. 112, or

About Hideaways International
Hideaways International, Inc., which operates the Hideaways Aficionado® Club, has been seeking the best-of-kind and the out-of-the-ordinary for its savvy, discerning, and well-traveled members for more than three decades. Members, who hail from around the world, range from notable celebrities, musicians, publishers, authors, captains of industry, and politicians to ordinary folks with extraordinary taste. All are part of this lively community with a passion for travel away from the madding crowds.

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