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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Names Top 12 Soon-To-Be-Hot Destinations for 2012

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire--(January 2012)--"We looked into our crystal ball for some travel alternatives we felt were on the verge of discovery, or prime for rediscovery, in 2012," says Mike Thiel, Founder/President of "Our 'Top 12 Soon-To-Be-Hot' picks are places and vacation 'styles' that are unique, not heavily touristed, and out of the mainstream. And each celebrates those special things, like pristine beauty, that set them apart from every other place or experience."'s Top 12 Soon-To-Be-Hot Destinations for 2012

1. Dominica
2. Prague, Czech Republic
3. Fiji
4. Colombia

5. Myanmar
6. Portugal
7. Panama
8. New Zealand Wine Regions

9. Bonaire
10. Cambodia
11. European River Cruising
12. Japan

And here's a little insight into why each destination made the list.

1. Dominica: This lush Caribbean island-the last remaining home of the indigenous Carib Indians-is ideal for nature lovers who crave adventure. There aren't touristy beaches or suffocating crowds here; instead, those who visit explore volcanic peaks, rain forests, valleys, parks, rivers, and waterfalls. Recommended hideaways include: The Fort Young Hotel.

2. Prague, Czech Republic: This "city of one hundred spires" is one of Europe's most dazzling, with its art, architecture, and music. To add to Prague's appeal, it's also more affordable than comparable cities like London, Paris, and Rome-and the dollar's recent gains on the euro make it even more affordable. Recommended hideaways include: The Aria.

3. Fiji: Fiji is an easy option for an exotic beach vacation; it's also more intimate, has more boutique hotels, and it's a relative bargain when compared to Tahiti. With more than 330 islands in the Fijian archipelago, visitors can island-hop around the South Seas, hike tropical highlands, and swim in warm, clear waters. Recommended hideaways include: Yasawa Island Resort.

4. Colombia: This country has a wealth of attractions, from sophisticated cities to extensive nature preserves, beaches, the coffee triangle, and ancient colonial architecture. And all are now much more inviting since the country has become safer. Recommended hideaways include: Luxury villa and apartment rentals in city and beach locations (at present, luxe hotels and resorts are hard to come by).

5. Myanmar: Here, visitors discover an authentic Asia, without all the tourists. Known for its impressive temples and the "Road to Mandalay," Myanmar is a place travelers have to see to believe, where the past is present and where there are scores of delightful, destination-specific experiences, like savoring a spoonful of monhinga, the national noodle dish. Recommended hideaways include: Governor's Residence.

6. Portugal: When Europe's economy was soaring, Portugal was relatively inexpensive. And now, with the euro cheaper than it's been in a long time, Portugal is an even better bargain, with arresting attributes from wine country to hip beach towns. Recommended hideaways include: Pousadas de Portugal, which are usually historic buildings-like castles-that have been converted into country and city hotels.

7. Panama: Nearly free from the overdevelopment that afflicts many Central American hot spots, Panama is a refreshing collection of beaches, rain forests, mountains, and even a volcano. With the expansion of the Panama Canal scheduled for completion in 2014, now's the time to visit, before dozens more large ships come to call. Recommended hideaways include: Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge.

8. New Zealand Wine Regions (Hawke's Bay and Napier): New Zealand's wine country is an up-and-coming spot for those who've done U.S. and European wine tours, with world-class wine and that irresistible Kiwi accent. Once outside the tasting room, visitors enjoy this bucolic country's host of other pleasing features, like its ecological heritage. Recommended hideaways include: Cape Kidnappers.

9. Bonaire: This tiny Caribbean island is one of the best dive spots in the world, yet it's not crowded or touristy because Bonaire's a bit difficult to get to from the U.S. Once there, however, visitors find it worth any additional effort for rewards like relaxing on pristine beaches and diving along an entire coastline that's a strictly protected national park. Recommended hideaways include: Harbour Village.

10. Cambodia: As this Asian country defines its future, it's preserving the best from its past, like Angkor Wat, a seriously staggering collection of temples, and Siem Reap, its recently revived waterfront city. Recommended hideaways include: Seabourn-this cruise line has altered its itineraries for Asian cruises and added more exotic port calls, like Sihanoukville, Cambodia's up-and-coming beach resort.

11. European River Cruising: Cruising aboard a river vessel and experiencing the countryside, culture, and cuisine at a relaxing 5 mph is one of the best values for exploring many European countries, including up-and-coming Russia. And river cruising is enjoyed without language difficulties, without packing and unpacking, and without many additional expenses. Recommended lines include: AmaWaterways.

12. Japan: This country is making a comeback in the aftermath of its 2011 earthquake/tsunami tragedy. Sure, the language is a bit of a barrier and costs are high, but Japan is worth a visit for many reasons, from the beaches of Okinawa to the culture of Kyoto. Recommended experience: Discover Japan through a custom tour led by local experts, especially one that blends urban and very rural experiences.

"Let's face it, a 'hot' destination is only truly hot if you discover it before the crowds," says Mike. "And each one of these about-to-be-hot destinations offers a special something worth experiencing this year. My best advice? Go now, before the rest of the world discovers our little secrets!"

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Mike Thiel founded Hideaways International TM in 1979. Over the last three decades, he has traveled the world sampling its best lodgings and travel experiences, and has become a sought-after guest on radio and television news and talk shows across the country.

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