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Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off

Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off

Hotel Punta Islita

'Tis the season for au naturel escapes.

We're not talking embarrassing, bare-it-all experiences or shocking Spring Break antics! When recommending clothing-optional vacations, what we have in mind for you is something more sophisticated and refined, where your lack of clothing is simply an elegant expression of your lack of inhibition and your ability to embrace a more natural, relaxed state of mind (and body).

Plus, it's exhilarating to return from a trip with no tan lines!

So here we reveal our Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off.
We've sorted the list into three categories to give you several clothing-optional vacation choices:
1. Very private pool villas at villa resorts;
2. Very private vacation homes with pools; and
3. Public nude/topless beaches (and nearby resorts we recommend).

Get the skinny on additional suggestions—tailor-made to reflect your travel style, budget, expectations, and inhibitions, if any—from your very own Hideaways Travel Specialist (toll-free: 800-843-4433).

Very Private Pool Villas at Villa Resorts

Hotel Punta IslitaHotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica: You're floating in your casita's private pool, drinking in the most delicious views of the Pacific (and, okay, you're drinking in a delicious cocktail, too). It's one of those moments you already know you'll never forget. You came here for adventure and that's exactly what you've found—the eco-safari, the treetop canopy excursion, the surfing—but what you didn't expect was to feel so free . . . which is why your swimsuit isn't in the pool with you, and why you don't feel the least bit shy about it. Member-only perk: One private golf lesson for two and a 25-minute reflexology massage at Casa Spa for two.

Casa de CampoCasa de Campo, Dominican Republic: You keep coming back to the word "luxuriate." It fits this place. You are truly soaking up the experience, delighting in it, savoring every moment. You came for the golf, for the spa, for the private beach, and you'll leave appreciating all those things along with one you didn't anticipate: the utter at-homeness you feel in your private villa with its extremely private pool—which encouraged you to embrace the idea of a vacation and shed your inhibitions, and your clothing. Member-only perk: A $200 credit toward the Cygalle Spa during your stay.

Oberai Sahl HasheeshOberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt: With all this beauty—and all this sand—you've thought more than once that this feels like some sort of luxe mirage. But lucky you, it's no mirage. This secluded resort, with its 48 acres on the Red Sea coast, celebrates both the timeless splendor of the sea and the distinctive allure of Egypt (its arresting architecture, for example, dazzles you with domes, arches, and columns). Back in your Royal Suite, you've gone exotic yourself, wearing no more than a smile in your nicely heated swimming pool.

Very Private Vacation Homes with Pools

Hale MakaiHale Makai, Hawaii: There is, quite literally, no reason to leave your elegant 6,000-square-foot retreat. And you haven't. Not once! Since the moment you arrived, you've found yourself delightfully distracted by a score of life's greatest luxuries, like idyllic privacy, dreamy ocean views, and high-end amenities that range from a spa tub with waterfall to a tennis court. You packed a swimsuit, but you haven't worn it yet—preferring to splash around in the buff in your heated swimming pool, followed by an invigorating outdoor shower.

Tuscan ArchesTuscan Arches, Italy: You've spent days exploring museums, eating gelato, and shopping for shoes. You've taken hundreds of pictures. You've met a number of unforgettable people. Quite simply, you've fallen in love with everything about Tuscany, including your hillside villa with its panoramic views of chestnut valleys and small villages. You rented the entire estate, and a few of your favorite moments have been enjoyed around the pool, sipping a glass of local wine and working on your all-over Tuscan tan.

Reef WatchReef Watch, St. Croix: Sure, there's a lot to do nearby, from snorkeling off Buck Island's West Beach to watching how Cruzan Rum is crafted. Most days, however, this inviting villa offers all the excitement you want—and need—from lounging around in the hammock to floating around in the pool (either way, all you'll wear is a little sunscreen). And as this villa's name suggests, a favorite pastime is gazing at the color variations of the aqua water trimmed by the white foam that pours over your reef. Mesmerizing magic!

Public Nude/Topless Beaches

Mykonos: This small, sun-baked Aegean island is perennially nominated for the Sodom and Gomorrah Award. Its frenetic devotion to all things hedonistic makes Las Vegas look like a retirement village. However, only about one-third of the island nurtures the nudist beaches (like Agrari Beach and Paradise Beach), clubs, glitzy shopping, and unbridled libidos that can support such chronic debauchery. The other two-thirds offers pristine villages, classic fishing hamlets, museums, and centuries-old monasteries. Hideaways-recommended nearby resort: Santa Marina Resort & Villas.

St. Martin, Orient Beach: The island of St. Martin has a split personality of sorts, with its Dutch and French sides. Its Dutch side is rather puritanical, but its French side is ooh la la, with a reputation for being more pristine, sedate, tranquil, and less developed. In addition, all the beaches on the French side are topless, and Orient Beach is clothing optional. Hideaways-recommended nearby resorts: Esmeralda and Alamanda.

St. Tropez, Tahiti Beach, France: Brigitte Bardot and her adoring paparazzi put St. Trop, as the French fondly call it, on the map. That nickname is hardly a term of endearment. Trop means "too much" in French, and this town is known for its excesses—too much traffic, too many people, too many schlock artists hawking paintings, etc. The area also is known for its abundance of beaches, and most are topless-tolerant; Plage de Tahiti Beach is noted for its clothing-optional policy, risqué atmosphere, and celebrity tanners. Hideaways-recommended nearby resort: The Hotel Martinez (located in Cannes, 30 minutes away).

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