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Friday, December 3, 2010

Yes, Virginia,
There Is a Travel Santa Claus


Mike Thiel To loosely quote a holiday phrase from an old newspaperman, "Yes, Virginia, there is a travel Santa Claus, and he exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist." Of course, I say this somewhat tongue in cheek--although Hideaways members do get the "gift" of free perks and travel planning when they book with Hideaways Travel Services. On the other hand, it may seem a bit Grinch-like to say this, but every time I hear the Expedia ad with their tag line, "Where you book matters," I laugh and say to myself, "Darn right it does! We just don't agree on why it matters or where you should book."

Find out why I get a little "Grinchy" when Expedia and other online travel agencies claim they know the importance of where you book your travel.

Happy (and safe) holiday travels,

Mike Thiel
Founder, President, & Inveterate Traveler

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Last Call for
Warm-Weather Winter Villas

Mongoose RunWhen winter's bark turns to a bite, soothe your soul with a much-deserved Caribbean villa vacation. The savvy agents in Hideaways Travel Services tell us you can still find some great choices out there, and that now is the time to reserve a villa that matches your travel style and budget in balmy destinations like:
   • St. Martin
   • St. Croix
   • Barbados
   • St. Lucia
   • Jamaica

Let a caring and informed Hideaways Travel Specialist take all the hassle and headache out of matching you with your ideal villa. Call (800-843-4433), or email if you prefer.

Luxury Travel On Sale, Plus Perks
LalunaHideaways negotiates exclusive packages (including special discounts and member-only perks) just for you at many of our favorite hotels and resorts. Don't miss out on these current packages, and more:
   • 42% off Esmeralda Resort (St. Martin)
   • 37% off Alamanda Resort (St. Martin)
   • 38% off Laluna (Grenada)
   • 33% off Hotel Villa Rolandi (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

These exclusive packages are extremely limited, so if you see an offer that inspires wanderlust, reserve it today (800-843-4433).

Tip: Shelf Your Neiman Marcus Christmas Book
Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus raises eyebrows each year with its over-the-top Christmas Book. One of the gifts for 2010 is the services of a concierge-level trip planner who will create a four-night vacation for two . . . for the tidy sum of $9,500! Savvy you--you have access to the best-informed and most caring travel planners in the business. You wisely spend your vacation dollars on your vacation, not on vacation planning. Indulge (without spending!) with top-notch trip-planning assistance from Hideaways Travel Services for your next getaway!

This Contest Could Save Your Life

During your travels, you might find yourself in a precarious position--laid up with a broken leg halfway around the world or even caught in a military coup. But here's the good news! Hideaways' newest partner, Global Rescue, is the premier provider of medical, security, and evacuation services worldwide. And with our "Rescue Me" contest, you could win a FREE one-year Global Rescue Family Membership ($575 value) AND a one-year membership or extension in the Hideaways Aficionado® Club ($195 value). Here's how:

  • Tell us about a time when you were traveling and could have used Global Rescue's medical, security, or evacuation services.
  • Your short story should be 5001,000 words; photos are appreciated but not required.
  • Your story should relate to Global Rescue's services and should have an informative nature and entertainment value.
  • Submission deadline is Apr-30-11.
  • A panel of Hideaways judges will select one winner. Enter now!

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