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Hideaways Life®
March/April 2015


  The Caribbean: Barefoot and Beautiful

It’s true--the Caribbean offers almost as many cultures and natural wonders to enjoy as there are islands dotting its turquoise waters. From sophisticated St. Barth and laid-back Jamaica to vibrant St. Martin and the sleepy Turks & Caicos, there’s something for every traveler.

The same holds true for places to stay in the Caribbean. Whether you choose a full-service beachfront resort, a luxury all-inclusive, or a family-style villa resort, you can be assured of plenty of options. You even can opt for a fully staffed private villa--less expensive than you might think--where you’re waited on hand and foot. Your staff might include a personal cook, a butler, and a housekeeper who does double-duty as a babysitter at night. You can count on Hideaways to help sort through the myriad choices with you and then plan your perfect Caribbean getaway.

As You Like It: Doing a Girls' Day in Paris

The City of Light may be one of the most romantic places on earth for couples, but it's also the perfect destination for a girlfriends' getaway. The shopping, the dining, the gardens--the patisseries!

We thought it would be fun to get some inside secrets to Paris from a true insider herself, Doni Belau, founder of Girls Guide to Paris, a preferred Hideaways travel partner. Her info-packed website and Girls Guide to Paris GO-Card membership--which offers valuable hotel, restaurant, and shopping discounts, as well as access to unique places and events in Paris and beyond--give you the inside scoop for a terrific girlfriends-on-the-go vacation.


These vacation options were brought to our attention by inside sources and reliable friends in the travel business. Hideaways has not inspected them, but we've heard good things and believe they might be of interest. Call Hideaways Travel Services (800-843-4433) to arrange your stay at any of these getaways.

Morocco: A Most Pleasant Surprise

When Hideaways member Dr. Tom Fiutak of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, was invited to be the keynote speaker at an event held at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, he couldn't resist the chance to take a week-long side trip with his wife, Colet, to the mesmerizing country of Morocco. "As a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, I was invited to address a group called together by Greece's Ministry of Justice," Tom explained. "Since we'd come that far and Colet had never been to Africa--and I'd always wanted to get to Morocco during my travels but hadn't--it seemed like the perfect opportunity."

Summer and Families: A Perfect Travel Pairing

Summertime and family vacations just seem made for each other . . . warm, sun-filled days, the promise of adventure, and time to reconnect with those we love. But let's face it, the dynamics of traveling with kids—whether they're toddlers or in their teens—are much different from those of a romantic couple's retreat. To help you plan, here are some options for just-right ways to enjoy a family vacation.

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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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