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Hideaways Life®
September/October 2013


  Explore New Travel Horizons

Lucky you! Your bucket list is slowly dwindling, and you find yourself casting about for new and unusual ways to see the world.

Not to worry. At Hideaways, we always have an ear to the ground and an eye on the future as we search out travel's most interesting trends and new twists on classic travel experiences. That way, we'll always have something fresh and exciting to recommend-and you'll be able to grow that bucket list again!

All-Inclusive Vacationing: It's All About Expectations

When most people think of all-inclusive resorts, they think of the mass-market (and massive), fun-in-the-sun variety you see in television ads and full-page magazine adverts. No doubt they've grown in number and appeal, and why not? No one likes to be nickled and dimed, especially while on vacation. And if you don't mind sharing your time with 300-plus revelers, these resorts offer a large variety of dining options, albeit with an emphasis on buffets, and lots of recreational opportunities. What most of them don't offer is a sense of peace and privacy.

You can find alternatives, though. Many smaller, more private resorts also are all-inclusive to varying degrees. But understanding the differences between them and their bigger brethren, and just how all-inclusive they are, is important in setting your expectations. After all, vacation success comes from enjoying experiences that meet or exceed your expectations.

Cool Concierge Tips: The Caribbean

Savvy travelers know that it's always best to vacation like an insider-not like a tourist. And we're here to help you do just that, with tips from our Caribbean sources-including concierges and other on-site staff at our partner hotels and resorts in The Hideaways Collection®-that are guaranteed to improve your travels there this season. When we recently asked for their restaurant suggestions, favorite shopping experiences, and best hidden beaches, we couldn't believe what an overwhelming response we got-and what great tips these folks offered!

In fact, it was way too much juicy insight to squeeze into just one issue of Hideaways Life. And so, as promised, here is the second installment in our series of "Cool Concierge Tips," focused on our partner getaways in the Caribbean. Still to come: Be on the lookout for Italy and South America in future issues.

A Wedding Worth Traveling For
By Hideaways Member Alyson Monson

Right from the start, my husband-to-be and I loved the idea of a destination wedding. Keith and I had never been to Italy, and it seemed like the perfect romantic location for taking our vows. How can you go wrong with such gorgeous scenery and great food and wine? Of course, once you're there, the honeymoon is a natural-just rent a car and explore more of the countryside!

Montreal: A City for All Seasons
By Hideaways Editor Pat Chaudoin

This past summer, a late-July hot spell seemed the perfect time to scoot across the border from New Hampshire into Canada for a few days of R&R. Montréal beckoned, with its historic "old city" (Vieux-Montréal), its vast botanical gardens, and its reputation for great dining. Of course, Montreal sits squarely in the French-speaking province of Québec, which promised an added element of interest. After all, where else in the U.S. can you pass over the border and immediately be immersed in a mini European cultural experience?

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