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Hideaways Guide
Fall/Winter 2004


  A Fascinating Vacation In The United Arab Emirates
By Vance Stephenson
Mesmerizing architecture. Vast desert landscapes. Rugged mountains. Welcoming locals. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised during your vacation to the United Arab Emirates. Experience true adventure travel as you sail on traditional wooden boats, witness the rich culture, bargain at the lively markets, and check out the fascinating accommodations and structures throughout Dubai.
Ambassador's Report: First Class Travel To The Villas At Banyan Bay
By John Martin
From shark feeding to a three-tiered pool, The Villas at Banyan Bay offers its guests a unique blend of adventure and luxury travel. Travel to Central America and experience the kindness of the locals, the sun setting over the ocean, water sports galore, and a taste of the great life on Ambergris Caye, Belize.
A River Cruise Vacation Down The Danube
By Mike Thiel
Budapest, Vienna, Esztergom, Bratislava. Travel to Europe and tour these ancient cities and villages while cruising down the Danube River. Learn why a river cruise is a fitting vacation for any traveler looking for an alternate way to get to know Eastern Europe. With luxury accommodations and plenty of activities to keep you busy day and night, this is a vacation you?ll want to take.
Spice Up Your Vacation in Grenada
By Mike Thiel
Travel to the Caribbean and be sure to make a stop at Grenada, The Spice Island. With a variety of new accommodations, from hotels and resorts to vacation rentals, Grenada has come a long way over the past few years. Enjoy your island vacation strolling along the picturesque harbor promenade, deep-sea fishing, hiking, or simply enjoying the spices of the island.
Ambassador's Report: Intimate River Cruise With The Dutch Masters
By Kristyn Lak
Travel to Europe and board a river barge to get an intimate look at the land and culture of the Netherlands. You may not consider yourself an art historian at the start of your vacation, but will surely become one as you visit many famous and enchanting art museums along the way, to end your vacation on a first-name basis with the Dutch Masters.
Simplify Your Vacation At These Low-Tech Hideaways
By Pat Chaudoin
Trade in your cell phone and remote control for solar-heated outdoor showers and luxurious thatched-roof bungalows. Take a vacation from modern life and read about these low tech accommodations around the world where less is more, but where luxury travel has not been left behind.
A Vacation Down Under In New Zealand
By Deborah Bernstein
Travel to New Zealand, fast becoming one of the world?s top travel destinations, to get a glimpse of the other country ?down under.? Spend your vacation visiting an English-style city, the adventure capital of the world, and unique accommodations. Oh, and be sure to enjoy the scenery, beauty, and the Kiwis you meet along the way.
Family Vacation At Tryall Club
By Genevieve Morgan
If you enjoy the privacy and freedom of staying in a vacation rental on your family vacations, but could do without the constant stress of cooking and cleaning, then this mother/traveler has the answer for you. The Tryall Club, in Jamaica, offers all the luxuries of a vacation rental and a full-service hotel to let you enjoy your vacation together.
Ambassador's Report: Close To Heaven At Villa Caletas
By Heather DeAngelis
Travel to Central America for a vacation with a mix of romance and adventure. Imagine sipping a cocktail while watching the sun set over the ocean or flying through the forest on a zip line and then returning to a hideaway that seems built for relaxation and romance. Villa Caletas is, after all, ?close to heaven.?
From The Helm - Hideaways Aficionado
By Mike Thiel
The dictionary defines an aficionado as "an ardent devotee; fan or enthusiast." When we were in the early stages of "reinventing" Hideaways InternationalTM this past year, we were casting around for a new name to capture the essence of our unique travel club.
Hiding Away in New Zealand
By Hideaways Staff
Some of the best hideaways around New Zealand.
The "New" Dubai
By Vance Stephenson
Travel to the Middle East to go skiing? Sounds crazy, but it?s true. With the construction of many fascinating accommodations (including the first underwater hotel) and recreation parks, the ?new? Dubai is working its way to becoming a top travel destination for all types of travelers.
Hiding Away in Dubai
By Vance Stephenson
Dubai is fast becoming the luxury hotel capital of the world, with more exquisite, opulent five-star (and better!) hotels than you can absorb in one trip.
Hiding Away in Grenada
By Mike Thiel
The Spice Island offers a limited selection of accommodations that are small in scale, high on character, and reasonably luxurious
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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