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Hideaways Newsletter
Fall 2001


  A Serene Desert Oasis
By Mike Thiel
Elegant accommodations, excellent staff, desert activities, championship golf courses, a spa, and much more can be found at this stunner in Arizona. Learn about the luxurious accommodations and plentiful activities (and staff) at this desert resort that make it an ideal vacation spot for golfers, families, and couples.
Traveling Right
By Hideaways Staff
As increased security makes travel more complex, we at Hideaways remain committed to helping you vacation as safely and smoothly as possible. If you are planning a trip in the next few months—particularly to an international destination—we suggest you consider the following tips to make your journey as trouble-free as possible.
Caribbean: Facts And Figures
By Hideaways Staff
The pristine, white-sand Caribbean beach you?ve been dreaming of can be as close as a single direct flight, but the tranquility of a truly remote island usually comes at a price—a greater investment in travel time.
Diving The Caribbean
By Mike Thiel
The Caribbean is a top dive destination, and with good reason. Numerous islands offer outstanding underwater delights, and I?ve been fortunate to partake of them. No matter where you plunge into the waters of the Cayman Islands, you?ll find yourself in some of the best scubadiving territory in the world. Each of the islands offers dozens of dive sites.
Food For Thought: Planning and Packing Vacation Meals
By Robin D. Froman and Steven V. Owen
One of the great advantages of renting a vacation home is having the flexibility to eat meals "at home." In our years of renting, we have come to appreciate the ability to fix breakfast, make up picnic lunches, and create a dinner from local specialties in a well equipped kitchen.
Cayman Islands
By Hideaways Staff
The Cayman Islands are rightly known for their spectacular underwater attractions. However, those visitors who forsake the land for the sea are missing some of the Cayman Islands? top draws: its outstanding ecotourism opportunites, particularly on the smaller sister islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.
By Hideaways Staff
Jamaica maintains a unique culture, shaped by both its colonial past and its African heritage. It boasts its own distinctive cuisine and a strong tradition of crafts and art. Its hostelries are equally varied, from full-service resorts on expansive compounds and private vacation homes with attentive staffs to a fanciful seaside castle, typical of the delightful surprises awaiting visitors in Jamaica.
Turks And Caicos
By Hideaways Staff
The Turks and Caicos have been called "the forgotten islands," but the nickname may soon become obsolete. This chain of more than 40 islands and cays that spills from the southeastern tip of the Bahamas is rising in popularity, as an increasing number of vacationers discover the islands? amazing beaches, supported by all the comforts of civilization.
Puerto Rico
By Sally Blakey
Whether you?re looking for a quick dose of golf and sunshine or a secluded beachfront hideaway, Puerto Rico?s beauty, diversity, and warm hospitality—not to mention practical convenience—should put it on everyone?s "don?t-miss" list.
By Hideaways Staff
The U.S. Virgin Islands consists of three main islands: St. Thomas, home of the bustling capital city of Charlotte Amalie; St. John, encircled by vast, empty beaches; and St. Croix, the largest of the islands. About 50 smaller islands and cays make up the rest of the whole.
By Hideaways Staff
For casual and natural warm-weather escapes—as well as a mix of land and sea—it really is hard to beat the British Virgin Islands. It?s a place accented with the authentic rhythms and flavors of the West Indies; whether you describe the islands as "authentic" or "ramshackle" depends on your point of view.
By Hideaways Staff
The bumper sticker "Life?s a beach!" must have been created for Anguilla. Barren and not particularly scenic, Anguilla is a scruffy, low-lying island five miles north of St. Martin. But 30 or more of the world?s most gorgeous beaches—long crescents of white sand—encircle this 3- by-16-mile-long island. And most of these lustrous stretches are either deserted or barely developed.
St. Martin
By Hideaways Staff
Vacationers get a good bang for their buck on the lively island of St. Martin/St. Maarten. Its selection of vacation activities is endless: dutyfree shopping, casinos (on the Dutch side), discos, golf, almost limitless water sports, and fine restaurants await those looking for action. Miles of sun-drenched beaches appeal to the more indolent vacationer.
St. Barth
By Hideaways Staff
Most guidebooks skim over St. Barthelemy, perhaps because it doesn?t offer the non-stop nightlife, gambling, golf, and other attractions demanded by the masses. It?s not that St. Barth is dull, but it would also be a stretch to call it exciting. Discerning travelers vacation here for one reason—to enjoy the good life, simple and relaxed but subtly sophisticated.
St. Kitts/Nevis
By Hideaways Staff
By air or by sea, you won?t soon forget your first sight of Nevis. Its volcanic centerpiece, rising almost 3,300 feet above the cobalt Caribbean and usually shrouded in a swirling wreath of clouds, is particularly dramatic when backlit by sunrise or sunset-mystical and alluring.
By Hideaways Staff
At 108 square miles and with a population of 65,000, this is the most developed and visited of the British Leeward Islands. Antigua is especially popular with Brits and Europeans who are only too happy to trade their drab winters for the warm trade winds, predictable sunshine (Antigua experiences only about 30 inches of rain a year), and 365 beaches that fringe the island.
By Hideaways Staff
Grenada is quiet, colorful, and genuine—a place where the flavors of the Caribbean are still pure and uncomplicated. Many names on the island attest to the its dominance in the international nutmeg market; fully one-quarter of the world?s supply is grown here. And its history is evident in the remnants of British and French fortifications and abandoned sugar mills-turned-restaurants.
Western Caribbean
By Mike Thiel
Belize is so compact—about the size of Massachusetts—that it?s easy to keep both water sports enthusiasts and landlubbers happy. You can spend a few days exploring the interior, taking in the astonishing array of wildlife in the dense jungles. You can visit the awe-inspiring Mayan ruins. And you can head to the cayes to take in their ocean-based delights.
Caribbean Et Cetera
By Hideaways Staff
There are many Caribbean islands we just don?t have the space or the in-depth knowledge to report on thoroughly in this newsletter. Our favorites among this group are Barbados and the Bahamas. As for the rest, they are are either not popular with members, or we simply haven?t had the time to visit them, or both. However, we do offer a brief synopsis of their characters below.
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