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Hideaways Guide
Fall/Winter 2001


  A Vacation With It All In Montreal And The Eastern Townships
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Canada for the ultimate winter vacation with a French twist. Combine a visit to Montreal with a retreat to the Eastern Townships for adventure travel and French culture. Discover the finest elegant (and cozy) accommodations and the most delicious French cuisine in the region.
Hiding Away in Quebec
By Mike Thiel
From a boutique hotel in Montreal's Old Port, to a cozy country estate overlooking Lake Massawippi.
BVI Beachhead
By Peg Aaronian
Travel to the Caribbean and experience the range of the BVI?s private and all-inclusive accommodations. Enjoy the freedom of a vacation rental with the views of the harbor, the activities and convenience of a resort, and the excitement of a chartered yacht.
Hiding Away in The BVI
By Peg Aaronian
Island homes to call your own, resort reports, and floating vacation homes.
Best Of The BVI
By Peg Aaronian
Simple pleasures and island eateries
A Spring Spree In Arizona's Desert Playgrounds
By Mike Thiel
There's much more to a vacation in Arizona than endless desert and golf. Horseback riding, colorful and lush National Parks, Native American spa treatments, astronomy, cowboy cookouts, and accommodations that range from luxury hotels to guest ranches and spa resorts . . . Arizona's got it all.
Hiding Away in Arizona
By Mike Thiel
From authentic southwestern haciendas to boutique golf resorts
It's Time To Vacation In The Turks And Caicos
By Susannah Clark and Pat Chaudoin
Travel to the Caribbean to one of the last unspoiled sanctuaries. Get insight from seasoned travelers and residents on what makes this group of over 40 islands and cays so attractive. Stay at a vacation rental or resort and enjoy the Caribbean the way it?s meant to be.
Our TCI Favorites
By Sunnah Clark
We asked Bob Fischer, the first-time visitor; Julie Besser, the longtime vacationer; and Henry Moog, the homeowner, to name a few island standouts.
Florida Sporting Sampler
By Susannah Clark
Calling all sports enthusiasts! Florida is an excellent vacation option for sampling some of the best adventure travel. From golf resorts and accommodations with first-rate tennis facilities to exciting deep-sea fishing and scuba diving, Florida?s got more to offer than year-round sunshine.
Hiding Away in Florida
By Susannah Clark
Florida provides a wide range of accommodations for the sporting enthusiast, including several Great Escapes.
Sandy & Sedentary
By Susannah Clark
If you've got to have sand between your toes to make your vacation complete, here are our suggestions...
Hiding Away in The Turks and Caicos
By Susannah Clark and Pat Chaudoin
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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