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Hideaways Guide
Spring/Summer 2001


  Greece: Savoring The Good Life
By Mike Thiel
In a world that is complex and moves at whirlwind speed, we all long for a slower pace and simple pleasures. Therein lies the appeal of Greece. . .rainbow-colored fishing boats floating on a cobalt sea . . . bright white churches topped with crimson or sky-blue domes. . . simply delicious taverna meals and uncomplicated wines savored at an easy pace. . .
Athens: An Acquired Taste
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Greece to visit the islands, but be sure to make a stop in the country's capital, Athens. Spend your vacation exploring the city's ancient relics and charming districts, shopping, and dining . . . and don't forget about its fabulous accommodations. Indulge in one of Greece's specialty beverages: frappe, meza, or ouzo. Gia sas!
Mykonos: Sun, Fun, And Buzz
By Mike Thiel
Welcome to Mykonos. The daytime offers excellent opportunities for enjoying the traditional Cycladic architecture, white beaches, a picturesque harbor town, and fabulous accommodations. Just make sure to rest up for a night that starts late and ends late, for there's some great after-hours action on the island.
Santorini: Dramatic And Serene
By Mike Thiel
Enjoy a romantic vacation or honeymoon in Greece, visiting one of the most dramatic, peaceful islands in the Aegean Sea. The crescent-shaped island of Santorini offers several hilly towns for exploring, wines to taste, and unique accommodations from which to enjoy the fabulous views.
Crete: A Different Greece
By Mike Thiel
Your airline ticket may indicate you've traveled to Greece, but you'll feel like you're on vacation in Tuscany when you're on the island of Crete. The activities and accommodations are just as diverse as the landscape, and the people are among the most hospitable in the country. Find out how to best spend your days (we recommend at least 10) in Crete!
Feasting In Greece
By Mike Thiel
When you travel to Europe, you expect to dine on fresh, delicious cuisine. Travel to Greece and visit some of the best restaurants, found in seaside villages or at hotels, offering spectacular views of the cobalt sea to go with the delicious cuisine.
Hiding Away in Greece
By Mike Thiel
First-time visitors may want to island-hop and get to know Greece from a suite, apartment, or villa at our Great Escape resorts. Here are our choices for hiding away in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete.
Aegean Island Homes And Hideouts
By Mike Thiel
When it comes to villa vacationing in Greece, choices abound. If you're a first-time visitor, you may want to island-hop and get to know Greece from a suite, apartment, or villa at our Great Escape resorts. If you're ready to strike out on your own, settling into island life like a native, we offer hundreds of homes to consider.
Shirley Valentine Syndrome
By Mike Thiel
Almost every island has a Shirley Valentine who's fallen in love with the mystique . . . or with a Greek. We met American, British, and French ex-pats running restaurants and shops on Santorini and Crete, and made a point to connect with the painter Karolina, whom we had met on our last trip.
Gathering Friends Together For A Villa Vacation
By Pat Chaudoin
Is there any better way to spend time with friends than in a magnificent villa in the heart of the Chianti region of Italy? We don't think so! Spend a vacation in your own exclusive accommodation, while enjoying regional wine, hiking, fine dining, and most of all, the company of good friends. We'll tell you how.
Smitten by the English countryside
By Amy Whicher
Ever wonder what life is really like living in the English countryside? To do that, the obvious accommodation choice is a vacation rental so you can live like a local. Spend your vacation getting to know the neighbors (including the sheep), exploring nearby towns, and returning home to your very own English cottage.
Jewels Of The Orient: Navigator's Ports Of Call
By Mike Thiel
Enjoy first class travel while getting an eye-opening introduction to some of Asia's most fascinating destinations. Enjoy luxury accommodations aboard Radisson's Navigator and explore exotic locations, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, and Java.
Ports Of Call: Hong Kong
By Mike Thiel
Hong Kong captured our imaginations, our palates, our credit cards, and ultimately our hearts. It is the New York of China, and a portal to the Far East. And while Hong Kong is short on hideaways, its grand hotels are among the slickest and most service-oriented in the world.
Ports Of Call: Vietnam
By Mike Thiel
The Chinese, the Cham Empire-a Hindu culture that has largely disappeared-the French, and the Americans have all left their marks on Vietnam, which for us was the most interesting destination in Southeast Asia.
Ports Of Call: Singapore
By Mike Thiel
Clean, high-tech, and run with an efficiency that makes you think the Swiss are in control, Singapore is a blend of ethnic neighborhoods, markets, temples, cultural centers, ultra-modern skyscrapers, and elegant tree-lined boulevards.
Ports Of Call: Bali
By Mike Thiel
Bali is not in the South Pacific, and it's not Polynesian; those realities aside, it is as romantic as a Hollywood set, and its culture is even more exotic than you might imagine.
Ports Of Call: Java
By Mike Thiel
When we visited Java, the fifth largest but most populous and industrialized island in the Indonesian archipelago, it was suffering from political unrest.
Far Eastern Hostelries: The Hideaways' Perspective
By Mike Thiel
The Far East offers a variety of landscapes, cultures, religions, shopping, and accommodations. Travel to Asia and stay at a luxury hotel with amazing city views in Hong Kong, a romantic boutique resort on Bali, or a spacious accommodation in the up and coming destination, Vietnam.
Pearls Of Wisdom From The Far East
By Mike Thiel
A vacation in a foreign land, especially one as far as the Far East, can be a trip for the senses. Take a breath and read these tips on language, shopping, bargaining, dining, and much more from seasoned traveler, Hideaways Founder Mike Thiel. Travel to Asia and save yourself some time and unnecessary stress.
Navigating The Far East With Radisson Seven Seas
By Mike Thiel
Carrying 490 passengers, the one-year-old Navigator is the largest vessel in the upscale Radisson Seven Seas fleet.
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