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Traveler's Journal: The Azores: So Near, and Yet So Far
By Mike Thiel

View a slideshow of images from Mike's trip to the Azores.

Try telling friends at your next Christmas party--as Gail and I did--that you've just came back from the Azores. Most will look at you with a blank stare. And no one is likely to come back at you with that smug "Oh yeah, we visited there years ago" response.

Last fall, we jumped at the chance to add this archipelago to our "islands collection." It didn't require much of a hole in our schedule; with departures from Boston on Azores Express/SATA every Tuesday and Friday night, and a flight time of just four hours and change, those of us in New England could even enjoy a long weekend there. But for the true island aficionado, it's worth a much longer visit.

March 2008

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