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Hideaways Life®
January/February 2016


  Milwaukee: Mixing Business and Pleasure
By Hideaways President Mike Thiel

Milwaukee will surprise you with interesting and diverse ethnic enclaves, the cuisines to go with them, a blend of turn-of-the-19th-century--its heyday--and modern architecture, and some interesting museums. Summer is the best time to visit, when its beautiful lakeshore and other spots around town play host to innumerable festivals. But even in winter you can take in some of the city's interesting museums, theater offerings, a brewery tour, and eclectic dining.

Trysts 'R' Us!
Pat Chaudoin

When we first introduced Hideaways InternationalTM to the world many years ago, you wouldn't believe how many folks called asking, "Are you offering escapes for affairs?" Well, yes . . . sort of. But, in fact, whether it's an "affair to remember," a romantic escape with your hoped-for fiancée or new bride, or a chance to rekindle a long love, we know most of the finest romantic escapes in all the right places around the world. Here are just some of our highly recommended resorts and hotels from The Hideaways Collection® where the magical surroundings will have you over-the-moon in love.

Cruising 2016: What's Your Pleasure?

It's Cruise Wave Season again—that time of year when cruise deals and incentives are typically at their best—and never before have we seen so many choices for ways to cruise. From a burgeoning number of new river cruising vessels and ocean-going ships to itineraries that stretch to the far polar regions and everything in between, there's a boatload of ways (pun intended) to see the world from the water in 2016.

Hotel Barging with a Scottish Flair
by Hideaways President Mike Thiel

We've sampled the inland waterways of Europe a number of times, in about every way imaginable—self-hire barging, river cruising, and floating along on hotel and charter barges. I'd have to say our favorite is the latter. It's the best of all worlds for exploring Europe's inside passages—intimate but social, with the camaraderie of like-minded travelers and the local attractions up close and personal, and all while enjoying great cuisine and service. But hotel barges aren't just limited to Europe. Depending on where you draw the distinction between a hotel barge and a river cruiser, you can have a similar experience on the Amazon, Zambezi, Mekong, and Ganges rivers, and closer to home on North America's rivers and coastal waterways.

France's Rhone and Saone: A River Cruising Sampler
by Hideaways President Mike Thiel

If you've been paying attention, you know that river cruising has become immensely popular. Why? Because it's an easy, comfortable, affordable, and romantic way to sample multiple destinations and their top sights, and with never a worry about seasickness. River cruising got its foothold in Europe where for eons, rivers have been routes for commerce connecting Europe's most historic and beautiful cities.

5 Reasons to Sail Tahiti with Paul Gauguin Cruises

When it comes to cruising the tranquil aquamarine waters of French Polynesia, no one does it better than Paul Gauguin CruisesTHC. The line's very name—from the famous French painter who was obsessed with Polynesia—embodies the spirit of this island group and its colorful, sensuous people. The 332-guest m/s Paul Gauguin is designed specifically to glide through the shallow seas of Polynesia's island groups, allowing her to travel to less-visited ports that are inaccessible to larger ships.

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