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Mike Thiel

Mike Thiel, President and Founder of Hideaways International, has spent a lifetime living and traveling the globe, and the last 30 years as a professional traveler seeking out its most unique vacation experiences. He's seen the world from a hot-air balloon, turn-of-the-century steam train, luxury cruise ship, vintage DC-3, and even dogsled.

Thiel's extensive journeys and distinctive travel finds are the essence of the Hideaways Aficionado® Club. Discerning travelers seeking unique vacation experiences join Hideaways to access his travel expertise, discerning taste, and eclectic discoveries from around the globe.

Hideaways grew out of Thiel's yearnings for the villa vacation life and far-from-the-masses travel experiences. A natural-born wanderer, Thiel has lived and traveled extensively overseas, first as the son of a United States Diplomatic Corps officer and later as a management consultant for the oil and gas industry.

In the days when only the rich, famous, and well-connected were privy to the secrets of private villa vacations in the Caribbean, Europe, and other parts of the world, Thiel envisioned a villa matchmaking service that would link travelers and vacation homeowners. And so, in 1979, he founded Hideaways International. An outspoken advocate of the villa vacation experience, Thiel was dubbed "Mr. Villa Vacation" by travel writer Arthur Frommer. Since 1979, Thiel has brought the best of his experiences at villas, hotels and resorts, cruises, and specialty tours to those who seek the best travel and want to know more, get more, and travel better.

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