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Hideaways Life®
May/June 2015


  Un-Expected Encounters with Un-Cruise Adventures
By Hideaways President Mike Thiel

Why, you might ask, would anyone brand a seaborne vacation an "Un-Cruise?"

Well, consider most people's perceptions of what a cruise is all about: old folks playing shuffleboard, endless buffets, gaudy entertainment, and dealing with crowds. Mega cruise lines have even made the ship its own destination, a massive resort hotel at sea with a carnival atmosphere of waterslides, wave-surfing pools, shopping arcades, casinos, Las Vegas entertainment, and cavernous dining venues. Is there a shore component? Sure, shared with thousands of fellow passengers, and maybe including a visit to the cruise line's own artificial island.

Peru, from Sea Level to Lofty Heights

For Hideaways member Bill Sarmento and his partner, Charles Wilson, both of Ogunquit, Maine, a recent trip to Peru and the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu was part of their game plan to fulfill a life list of travels. According to Bill, the two already had experienced several of the Seven Wonders of the World, both old and "new," including Egypt's Great Pyramid at Giza, the Great Wall of China, and India's Taj Mahal. So it was a natural that their wanderlust led them into discussions about exploring Peru and tackling Machu Picchu. And that, in turn, led them to contact their Hideaways Travel Consultant.

"Darcy has handled every one of our trips, and she is superb," said Bill. "She takes care of everything, from hotels to private guides, and our trips always go smoothly. I can't imagine planning an important trip without her assistance."

Explore New Travel Horizons

At Hideaways, we always have an ear to the ground and an eye on the future as we search out travel's most interesting trends and new twists on classic experiences. That way, we'll always have something fresh and exciting to recommend--and you'll be able to grow your life list of travel ideas!

Being open to adventures that are new and different and maybe just a tad outside your comfort zone creates a wealth of wonderful opportunities. Maybe you've been to Asia before, but have you ever experienced its villages and rice fields at a meandering pace from the seat of a bicycle? And maybe you've snorkeled more than once, but we'll bet you've never tried polar snorkeling with penguins!

Feast on Italy

If you're looking for authentic experiences the next time you visit Italy--you know, those off-the-tourist-track spots--then read on. Staff members from a few of our Italy partners in The Hideaways Collection® have provided juicy tidbits and well-kept secrets for things to do during your travels. They've even suggested the best rooms to book so you'll have the finest possible experience at their hotels.

Hideaways Update: Cap Cana

If you've been lucky enough to sink your toes into the sugar-soft sands of the Dominican Republic, most likely it was in one of the resort areas of Punta Cana or La Romana--think large all-inclusives and crowded beaches, for the most part. But big, new, beautiful things are happening along the country's southeastern shoreline, namely the luxury beach resort development of Cap Cana.

This 30,000-acre master-planned community is only ten minutes south of Punta Cana International Airport, but worlds away from Punta Cana's hotel row in terms of its stylish atmosphere, exclusive dining options, award-winning golf, and stretches of deserted beach. True vacation nirvana!

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