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Hideaways Life®
September 2008


  Traveler's Journal: The "Upscaling" of Thailand
By Mike Thiel
My first visit to Thailand a few years ago was a whirlwind tour of Bangkok, packing in all the "must-see" sights . . .
Hideaways Ambassador's Report: "Mission: Accomplished" at Coral Stone Club
By Hideaways Member "Brad" Bradham
As I sat out on our private veranda with my girlfriend, Jacque Jenkins, and our good friends, Dave and Pat Nicholson, I couldn't help but congratulate myself on choosing the perfect place to celebrate my 50th birthday. The views of Seven Mile Beach were amazing, the water was a sparkling turquoise blue, and our condo at Coral Stone Club was everything I had hoped it would be and more . . .
Hideaways Ambassador's Report: A Mountaintop Experience
By Hideaways Member Julie Besser
I could barely get my camera out fast enough as I stepped outside the Mount Nelson HotelTHC and looked toward Table Mountain, which loomed in the distance. A curtain of clouds was just lifting off Cape Town's distinctive tabletop rock formation, crisp white beyond the pink walls of the hotel. Click! Click!
Hideaways Ambassador's Report: A "Capital" Hotel in Canada
By Hideaways Ambassador Kristyn Lak Miller
"You know a city's great when you can fall in love with it during a major snowstorm," my husband, Mark, observed. We'd arrived in Ottawa just as the first snowflake fell, and then watched as Canada's capital city quickly turned white. It was the first day of Winterlude—Ottawa's annual winter celebration—and the city was in a festive mood, its excitement only magnified by the storm.
As You Like It: Destination Cooking Schools
Hideaways Staff
As you pack for your trip, you pause and add one more item to the suitcase: your apron. Because, in addition to seeing the sights, conversing with the locals, and buying a few souvenirs, you're planning on chopping, whipping, and sauteing during your travels, with local ingredients that certainly aren't local to you . . .
Getting to Know: Celebrity Cruises
Hideaways Staff
We can't remember the last time a new ship making its debut caused such a stir. Celebrity CruisesTHC has been promoting the exciting Celebrity Solstice in sexy television ads for months now, and we can't wait for her maiden seven-night voyage to the Caribbean, scheduled to depart from Ft. Lauderdale on November 23, 2008.
Members' Forum
Hideaways Members
Hideaways members tell it how it is at great destinations around the world.
Special Report: Where To Travel When
Hideaways Staff
It's a great, big, wonderful world out there, and you want to see as much of it as you can in your lifetime. Better yet, you want to see all the right places at all the right times—you know, those precious weeks when the crowds haven't yet descended, the locals still have time to stop and chat, and your travel dollars stretch a little bit further.
Traveler's Journal: An Aging Mexican Beauty
By Hideaways Ambassador Diane Morgan
Now that I've been to Puerto Vallarta, I can easily imagine how Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton felt when they were swept up in the charm and romance of this once-sleepy fishing village.
Hideaways Staff
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