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Hideaways Life®
July 2007


  A Capital Treasure
David Cech
Living in the nation's capital, I tend too often to take the vibrancy of the Washington area for granted.
Ocotal Beach Resort
By Hideaways Member Bruce Van Wyck
Infinity-edge pool, accommodations with sunset views, zip lines through the rainforest, fresh seafood. Sounds much better than a snowstorm in April. Join these Hideaways Members as they take a much-needed vacation from snowy Colorado Springs to sunny Costa Rica and stay in this picturesque hillside hotel.
Enlightening a First-Time Cruiser
By Andrew Thiel
A cruise vacation may not be for everyone. But if you like sampling a variety of destinations, cultures, restaurants, activities--and if you like meeting other travel enthusiasts on vacation--then this cruise line is for you! Travel to Europe and discover the wonders of a mid-sized cruise ship on the Mediterranean.
Hideaways on the Road, July 2007
By Hideaways Staff
We collected recent reports from Hideaways Staff and Ambassadors busy "in the field" researching (and enjoying) wonderful hotels and resorts that are not yet members of The Hideaways Collection(r), but are usually excellent candidates. Read this article and discover some great vacation ideas in Jamaica, California, New Hampshire, Barcelona, and Mexico.
Traveler's Journal: Islands in the Mediterranean Sun
By Hideaways Staff
When you think of an island vacation, the Caribbean probably comes to mind. Well, this article might change your mind. Travel to Europe and visit these three culturally-rich, sun-filled islands in the Mediterranean. Spend your vacation visiting ruins, sun-bathing on unique beaches, dining at scrumptious restaurants, and staying in cliffside hotels.
Traveler's Journal: Paradise Calls
By Hideaways Member Justin Pohn
All honeymoons should be long, relaxing, and full of pampering, good food, romantic hotels, and memorable experiences. These Hideaways Members experienced all that on their escape to French Polynesia. Read about two very appropriate resorts for a romantic vacation and get some tips on how to eat on vacation in Tahiti without breaking the bank.
Traveler's Journal: My Rendezvous in Rio
By Hideaways Member Bill Hamm
A romantic rendezvous is easy when you've got sunny weather, beautiful beaches, gorgeous people, luxury accommodations, and two lovebirds. Travel to South American with this Hideaways Member as he checks out two fabulous places to stay in the Rio de Janeiro area, each excelling in personable and impeccable service.
As you Like It: Caribbean Dining
By Hideaways Staff
Just because you're on vacation in the Caribbean doesn't mean you don't have your choice of fine restaurants . . . at least, not anymore. Discover some of these scrumptious restaurants in and near fabulous hotels serving French cuisine and delectable desserts, and using uncommon spices.
An Island Buffet of Members' Top Picks
By Hideaways Members
Hideaways Aficionado ® Club members apparently are a well-fed bunch--at the very least, you love to eat while on vacation in the Caribbean. We asked for your favorite island dining experiences, and here's a taste of what you recommended.
As You Like It: U.S. Wineries
By Hideaways Ambassador Kristyn Lak
What better way to see the U.S. than to take a wine-tasting vacation from coast to coast. And if you can't do it all at once, then take several vacations, like this Hideaways Ambassador did. Read about the different wine regions, the best wineries in each, and which hotels and resorts will make the trip that much better.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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