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Hideaways Life®
January 2007


  Beautifully Boring Bermuda
By Mike Thiel
There was no reason why it took Hideaways Founder, Mike Thiel, 15 years to return back to this slow-paced island for a relaxing vacation. Mike found his absence especially hard to accept after receiving a tension-taming massage and delectable meal. Get some tips on what to do and which of these four fabulous hotels to retire to at the end of the day.
Coming Back from Katrina
By Julie Mathews
Mother Nature is a strong force, but New Orleans has a strong spirit. Read this report about this once-popular vacation spot on its way back to the vacation scene. Check out some fabulous restaurants and hotels making an extra effort to win you back.
Random Reflections on Italy
By Hideaways Member Frank Gunion
Nothing's better than a seasoned traveler's trip notes to help you plan your vacation to uncharted territory. Travel to Italy with the knowledge of where to go and what to expect from the cities, culture, cuisine, and accommodations. This is valuable travel advice (and some equally fabulous vacation spots) you won't want to miss.
Two If By Land, But All By The Sea . . .
By Andrew Thiel and Rory Trahan
New England's coastline has attracted history buffs and water-lovers for many years. Combine a relaxing vacation and a history lesson while checking out these fabulous coastal hotels (and a cruise ship), each displaying that quintessential New England charm.
As You Like It: Canada
Canada's year round appeal to travelers of all types is even more enhanced by the existence of these three unique accommodations. From the Art Deco hotel in the heart of Vancouver to the Asian-inspired indulgences of this Whistler resort to the outdoor-lovers' playground at this 12-acre inn, your Canadian vacation will never be forgotten.
Kimpton Hotels: The Story Within
By Pat Chaudoin
The Kimpton Hotel chain is anything but a typical chain. Discover what makes these European-style boutique hotels different from the rest. A vacation at any one of these 34 hotels will leave you feeling warm and cozy as will the story of the founder.
As You Like It: Romance

If you're even thinking about planning a romantic vacation, don't . . . until you read this love-ly round-up. Hideaways Staff has uncovered the most romance-inspiring hotels and resorts sure to make you fall in love or reignite that spark. Travel to the Caribbean, vacation in Portofino, or check out the rest of these options for the vacation of your life.
Hideaways on the Road, January 2007
We collected recent reports from Hideaways Staff and Ambassadors busy "in the field" researching (and enjoying) wonderful hotels and resorts that are not yet members of The Hideaways CollectionTM, but are excellent candidates. Read this article and discover some great vacation ideas in Beverly Hills, Napa, and Tokyo.
A Taste of: Costa Rica
By Hideaways Staff
Adventure travel is a popular motive for a vacation in Costa Rica. Hideaways staff members often are motivated by adventure in the dining room as well as in the outdoors. Read about this renowned Executive Chef at a luxury hotel as he reports on the delicacies of Costa Rica's land and sea and how to make them into truly unforgettable dishes.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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