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Hideaways Life®
November 2006


  Hiding Away in Bangkok
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Asia and discover the finer side of Bangkok including deluxe spa treatments, glittering temples, towering Buddhas, and luxury hotels. Go for the fast-paced tour via the city's waterways, or plan an extended vacation and take your time exploring the city and tranquil countryside.
A San Francisco Treat
By Andrew Thiel
Just as San Francisco is full of unique attractions, this luxury hotel in the heart of California's popular vacation spot is equally distinctive. This elegant, yet fun, travel-themed hotel is where you'll find spacious accommodations, a high level of service, a fabulous French restaurant, and nightly tarot card readings. We predict you'll enjoy it very much.
Sleep Well in Seattle
By Darcy Allen
Seattle was destined to become a top travel destination with the opening of the very first Starbucks. Actually, this city, known as the Emerald City, was a hot spot before the first cup of steaming coffee was served. Discover from this frequent traveler the best attractions in the city and two very different hotels. Whether it's luxury travel, extra-high ceilings, or a strong cup of coffee you're after, Seattle offers impressive variety.
As You Like It: Caribbean Villas
Take your vacation to the next level on a villa vacation in the Caribbean. Experience the freedom, togetherness, privacy, and ultimate relaxation of a vacation rental with a full staff, a private pool, luxury accommodations, or resort amenities. Read about some of our favorite top travel destinations where vacation rentals are the first choice.
A History of Hanky-Panky at the Copacabana Palace
By Pat Chaudoin
Travel to South America and experience a grand hotel with a "lively" history. Rio's Copacabana Palace has been the site of many celebrities behaving badly on vacation since it opened in 1923. Read some humorous stories and learn who racked up the biggest bill for damage done to the accommodation in its history.
A Taste of: Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons
By Hideaways Staff
Delight your senses at this chef-owned, country-house hotel where the cuisine is fresh and the style is creative. Learn the techniques and culinary passions of this renowned French chef and why a vacation at his hotel will leave you craving more . . . and might even make you a better cook.
These Irish Eyes Were Smilin'
By Hideaways Member Karen Wells
Visiting relatives on a family vacation doesn't always appeal to grown kids, unless you take them to a vacation destination like Ireland. Read about this family's adventures on the Emerald Isle, including some diverse accommodations from a stone tower with 100 stairs to a cozy country hotel with fragrant gardens.
St. Kitts: Big Things to Come
By Pat Chaudoin
As hard as it is watching your kids grow up, you look forward to the changes. The same can be said for St. Kitts, a tucked-away vacation destination with big plans for the future! Travel to the Caribbean and see how this proper island with gorgeous scenery and fabulous accommodations is growing up (but retaining all its many manners).
Getting to Know: Tony Bowan
By Hideaways Staff
Read about this recent award-winning hotel director who found his life's calling and a resort he (truly) calls home. Get a glimpse into the daily life of Tony Bowan as he talks about his favorite vacation spots, industry passions, most memorable guests, and, of course, his famous Caribbean resort.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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