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Hideaways Life®
September 2006


  The Inside Story: Making Julia Morgan Proud
By Pat Chaudoin
Most homes have a story, and this vacation rental is no exception. Its story starts with the architectural expertise of Julia Morgan, the same architect who designed the Hearst Castle. Learn its history, the restoration process, and why it would make the perfect place for a vacation away from it all.
Trade Winds September 2006
By Paul Hoogeveen
Hideaways is always receiving tips from Hideaways AficionadoTM Members and other travel industry sources on fabulous accommodations and destinations that we haven?t had the chance to experience for ourselves. Read this report and discover for yourself some great vacation ideas in Turkey, Guatemala, and Myanmar.
Traveler's Journal: A Sentimental Journey
By Mike Thiel
It's nice to go back to vacation spots of our childhood and find that some things have stayed the same. For Hideaways Founder, Mike Thiel, Key West still has its eclectic personality, laid-back island attitude, and even more fabulous accommodations to enjoy while exploring Florida?s deep south.
As You Like It: Skiing in North America
By Pat Chaudoin
Ski vacations aren't only about the slopes, especially at these top travel destinations in North America. Here, you'll enjoy luxury travel both on the slopes (with tissues in line) and off (with mountain-view hot tubs). From the far ends of Canada to Utah, we?ve covered the best of the best.
Traveler's Journal: An Aussie Walkabout
By Darcy Allen
After planning clients' vacations to Australia for 10 years, Hideaways Travel Services Manager, Darcy Allen, planned her own. Get the scoop on what to do in Sydney, on the mountains, and around the vineyards. Read Darcy's valuable tips on how to save money on airfare, which mode of transportation is best, and which tours to avoid.
When Wishes Come True
By Hideaways Member Pat Phillips
Hideaways staffers are thrilled when we can help make members' vacation dreams come true. Read this touching story of the Phillips family who spent their Make-A-Wish vacation in a Hideaways vacation rental in Florida. With 5,000 square feet of living space, a pool, and fishing off the property, this family's wish was made!

(Our Apologies: We sincerely regret that the Vol. 1, No. 5 issue of Hideaways Life mistakenly credited Hideaways member Terri Dodson as the author of this article. The story should have been credited to Hideaways member Pat Phillips, whose three daughters--Kate, Ali, and Jamie--appeared in the story.)

Hideaways Ambassador's Report: The Dominican Republic's "Other" Side
By Andrew Thiel
Travel to the Caribbean and visit this up-and-coming destination for luxury travel, romance, golf, and fantastic accommodations. Stay at the pioneer of high-end hotels for spacious accommodations and try a swing at one (or all) of the three challenging golf courses. For a romantic vacation, visit this new hotel that seems made for hiding away with a fine glass of wine.
Hideaways Ambassador's Report: A Birthday Bash
By Hideaways Member Sandy Ohlhausen
Travel to Mexico to celebrate your milestone birthday . . . or just get away from the real world. These Hideaways AficionadoTM Members found the perfect solution for an overworked lifestyle back home: comfortable accommodations, oceanfront setting, candle-lit dinners, walks on the beach, and getting up close and personal with baby sea turtles.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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