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Hideaways Life®
July 2006


  Hideaways Ambassador's Report: Costa Rica
By Hideaways Member Terri Dodson
Travel to Central America for an exciting adventure on and off the grounds of this luxury hotel. Private accommodations and top-of-the-line service make this hideaway a great choice for a honeymoon or relaxing getaway . . . and unforgettable outdoor activities, like zipping through the rain forest, are perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush.
Hideaways Ambassador's Report: Florida
By Andrew Thiel
Surprise?South Florida has a hotel that you can really escape to! Discover this Mediterranean-style retreat perfect for a honeymoon, golf vacation, or just getting away from it all. Here, you?ll find luxurious amenities, a challenging golf course, and the best prime rib around.
As You Like It: Sailing Schools
By Andrew Thiel
What kind of vacation do you get when you have a rented yacht and not a professional crew member in sight? A bareboating vacation . . . with you at the helm! If this sounds intriguing then read on to discover some fabulous sailing schools that combine true adventure with an exciting vacation. Bon voyage!
Getting to Know: Francis Ford Coppola
You might know Francis Ford Coppola from his powerful movies or from his sumptuous wines, but did you also know that he is the owner of a few fabulous resorts? Read this entertaining interview with the man himself as he discloses the creation, philosophy, and wonders behind his fascinating accommodations.
The Inside Story: Love's Grand Gesture
By Pat Chaudoin
What does it take to get an Italian villa named after you? In this case, being married to a wealthy Italian Admiral. Read the fascinating story of this private residence-turned-hotel that offers guests a warm environment, luxurious accommodations, and a loving history.
Traveler's Journal: One Day in Paris
By Ethan Sager
One vacation day in Paris might not be enough to sample the city's historical monuments, galleries, shops, and cafes, but it is enough to get a taste of the lively and friendly culture and to spend some time in a fabulous hotel close to it all.
Side Trip: Cote d Azur
By Mike Thiel
Many people travel to France to experience the history, culture, and romance of the City of Lights. Discover why Cote d' Azur makes a perfect side trip if you?re on vacation in Paris, with its fabulous people-watching, coastline, and breathtaking hotels.
Great Vacation Ideas In Argentina, France, and Southern Africa

Hideaways is always receiving tips from our Members and other travel industry sources on fabulous accommodations and destinations that we haven?t had the chance to experience for ourselves. Read this report and discover for yourself some great vacation ideas in Argentina, France, and Southern Africa.
Traveler's Journal: Colonial Queretaro
By Paul Hoogeveen
Travel to Mexico and visit Queretaro for a quintessential Mexican vacation, experiencing the lively culture, exploring ancient ruins, and staying in elegant hotels full of character and warmth. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes and a driver you can trust!
Traveler's Journal: The Big Thing in NYC
By Mike Thiel
Plan your next vacation to the Big Apple for a view from the top of the "lighthouse of Manhattan" or just to check out these fabulous hotels. They are so good, you might have to plan a night at each.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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