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Hideaways Life®
May 2006


  Getting to Know: The Stein Group
We thought you might like to learn a bit more about this wonderful little hotel collection, so we delved into finding out what makes things tick for The Stein Group.
Ambassador's Report: In and Out of Outer and Inner Barcelona
By Bill Giles
Travel to Spain for a taste of life in and around the fascinating city of Barcelona. Stay in this first-class hotel offering views over the city and luxurious accommodations, or be part of the action in this second hotel within blocks of the best the city has to offer.
Ambassador's Report: A Return to the Good Life
By Pat Chaudoin
Read how Cancun's tourism industry turned a devastating situation into a much-needed restoration, and is slowly making this top travel destination an even more desirable place to vacation. Get tips from travelers who have stayed at accommodations in Cancun post-Hurricane Wilma, and learn first-hand how the area's recovery is coming along.
As You Like It: Gourmet Dining
By Mike Thiel
Hotel dining isn't what it used to be. At least, not at these hotels and resorts that offer (much) more than first-class accommodations. Travel to Europe and enjoy celebrity chef meals and unforgettable menu options. One piece of advice: pace yourself!
The Inside Story: Santorini
By Pat Chaudoin
What's that saying . . . it takes more than a man to build a village? In the case of Pol Panagiotopoulos, he may not have built a village, but he's made a substantial impact on restoring old mansions and wine cellars into fabulous accommodations on the island of Santorini. Read his story and learn a bit about the building traditions that have kept the "old ways" of Santorini alive.
As You Like It: Hitting the Vacation Road with Kids
By Hideaways Staff
Hideaways would like to make your family-vacation planning a breeze by providing you with some of our favorite family-friendly accommodations, from the shores of the Caribbean to the UK. Discover which hotels have the best activities, accommodations, and amenities for the little ones in your group.
Traveler's Journal: Montreal by Parts
By Kristyn Lak
Montreal is an ideal vacation destination for those who like the contrast of the sweet and the sour. Whether you like old architecture or urban shopping, the language of love or good old English, your days spent in the sun or underground, and modern hotels or timeless luxury accommodations--most likely you can find it in Montreal.
Traveler's Journal: Irresistible Isles of the South Seas
By Pat Chaudoin
From the volcanic shores of Hawaii to the palm-fringed beaches of Bora Bora, the South Seas offer some enchanting destinations for the ultimate beach vacation. Read these accounts from Hideaways members about their vacation experiences staying at fabulous resorts, diving among unbelievable sites, and exploring some of the world's most fascinating islands.
Trade Winds May 2006
By Hideaways Staff
Hideaways is always receiving tips from our members and other travel industry sources on fabulous accommodations and destinations that we haven't had the chance to inspect. Read this report and discover for yourself some great vacation ideas in Australia, Miami, and Berkshire, England.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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