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Hideaways Guide
Spring/Summer 2004


  An Alaskan Cruise with the Entire Family
By Bill Giles
This extended family wanted something unique and unforgettable for its vacation. And the vote was unanimous: an Alaskan cruise. Discover the wonders of Alaska's Inside Passage aboard Radisson's Seven Seas Mariner with its spacious accommodations, excellent food, and enough activities (and sunlight) to keep you going well into the night.
Live Like a Londoner at Beaufort House
By Andrew Thiel
Enjoy the luxuries of a first-class hotel with the intimacy and freedom of a city-center apartment. Find this at Beaufort House, a wonderfully inconspicuous hideaway in the heart of Knightsbridge. Travel to Europe and enjoy an ideal location in a residential area and a warm staff--just a few of the things that will make this hotel feel like home.
Explore Canada's First Summer Resort
By Mike Thiel
Add St. Andrews By-The-Sea, Canada's first summer resort, to your list of must-do vacations. Surround yourself in a town with a rich history, natural wonders on land and sea, charming locals, and a plethora of accommodations to suite your taste.
The Innkeepers
By Mike Thiel
Part of the fun of visiting St. Andrews was getting to know some of its more colorful characters. Everyone was so warm and welcoming that, within days, we felt a part of the community.
Discovering Fine Wine in the Finger Lakes
By Kristyn Lak
In the mood for something different yet tasty? May we recommend The Finger Lakes? This New York region makes a wonderful vacation destination for travelers interested in wine tasting, window shopping, and charming towns and accommodations. From Riesling to Rkatsiteli, and everything in between, there?s sure to be something to satisfy your craving.
The Appeal Of Small-Ship Cruising
By Hideaways Staff
If you?re planning a vacation with family, friends, or that special someone, and you?re looking for something unique, consider cruising aboard a small-ship cruise with one of Hideaways? recommended cruise lines. Whether you desire adventure travel, luxury travel, a learning experience, or all of the above, we?ve got a ship for you.
Hideaways Highlights
Almost everything at Hideaways! We are in the process of reinventing Hideaways International to better serve you. Here, in brief, are just some of the changes you can expect.
Ambassador's Report: Cruise The Mediterranean In Style
By Gaby Kressly
Cruise the Mediterranean but don?t get lost aboard a massive cruise ship; instead, enjoy an intimate ship and a very personal experience with The Hebridian Spirit. Aboard this small ship, you can travel in style and enjoy spacious accommodations, an obliging crew, and five star meals along the way.
The Magic of Martha's Vineyard
By Kristyn Lak
Martha's Vineyard may be a top travel destination for a summer vacation, but it's appealing for some of the same, and many different, reasons in the spring and fall. Learn why you?ll want to arrive on the island when everyone else is leaving (or before they arrive). With less crowded accommodations, beaches, towns, and restaurants, you can truly enjoy the Vineyard and all it has to offer.
Big Sky Luxury at Papoose Creek Lodge
By Mike Thiel
Is "cowboy chic" an oxymoron? Not at Papoose Creek Lodge, for this Big Sky hideaway offers its guests—no more than 16 at a time—a wonderful balance of an authentic Montana escape with first class accommodations. With the amenities and facilities of a top hotel, you can truly enjoy your vacation out west.
Hiding Away in St. Andrews
By Mike Thiel
With so many beautifully restored family-estates-turned-inns, we can't imagine staying in any other type of accommodation.
Crossroads To Two Cultures in Ticino, Switzerland
By Andrew Thiel
Deciding on whether to travel to Italy or Switzerland? Why not plan a vacation to Ticino and experience a little bit of both? Discover the unique dichotomy of this Swiss region and all it has to offer travelers looking for views of the Alps, Mediterranean climate, majestic accommodations, Italian cuisine, and Swiss-style service.
Hiding Away in Ticino
By Andrew Thiel
Swiss Diamond Hotel, Vico Morcote
Swiss efficiency and love of technology appear throughout the guest rooms of the Swiss Diamond Hotel.

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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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