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Hideaways Newsletter
Spring 2003


  There's No Place Like (Close To) Home
By Kristyn Lak
You don't have to cross the border to feel like you're on a real vacation . . . especially if you're staying at one of these fabulous hotels or resorts. Get the lowdown on some of the best accommodations across North America, from the Rocky Mountains to the coast of Maine.
Property Report: Quebec
By Diane Morgan
If it's good enough for Queen Elizabeth, then it must be pretty spectacular. Discover this castle-like hotel in Old Quebec that will make you feel like royalty with its regal decor, unparalleled service, luxurious spa, fantastic accommodations (with equally fantastic views), and convenient location.
Ireland: Two For the Road, Hideaways-Style
By Mike Thiel
What do you have when you've got beautiful scenery, welcoming villages, interesting accommodations, and well-maintained roads? An ideal destination for a road trip! Travel to Ireland and enjoy the journey as well as the destination in one of these fabulous accommodations in the Irish countryside.
Some Favorite Irish Country Hideaways
By Mike Thiel
Ashford Castle occupies a commanding site on the banks of the Cong River where it flows into Lough Corrib, Ireland's second-largest lake and one of its most revered fishing venues. The walled, 350-acre estate is near the town of Cong, the setting for the movie The Quiet Man.
Another Place to Add to Your Must-Visit List
By Hideaways Staff
Belize is hot. And we're not just talking degrees. For a compact country, it certainly has a lot to offer. From Mayan ruins to rainforests, flyfishing, scuba diving, and ecotourism, there is much to see . . .and do! But, be warned: the word is getting out. In 2002, there was a 15 percent increase in airport arrivals over the same period in 2001.
What's Up, Doc
By Hideaways Staff
You've heard it in the news: cruise ships returning to shore prematurely because of the Norwalk Virus. While none of our partner cruise liners have fallen prey to a Norwalk epidemic, we asked a travel doctor for some advice.
Costly Convenience: Your Credit Card's Hidden Fees
By Hideaways Staff
Read this article before embarking on your next vacation out of the country to understand what "hidden" fees you might be paying when using your credit card abroad. Travel to Mexico or travel to the Caribbean and be an informed tourist with the help of Hideaways.
Great Vacation Ideas in Switzerland and Canada
By Hideaways Staff
Hideaways is always receiving tips from our Members and other travel industry sources on fabulous accommodations and destinations that we haven't had the chance to experience for ourselves. Read this report and discover for yourself some great vacation ideas in Switzerland and Canada.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
Copyright © 2021 Hideaways International, Inc.
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