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Hideaways Newsletter
Fall 2002


  Mexico: What You Need (And Want) To Know
By Hideaways Staff
Don't travel to Mexico without first reading this article on the do's and don'ts, the best of's, and everything in between. Hideaways makes your travel planning easy by providing you with all the information you need to enjoy a fabulous vacation in Mexico.
Sport Fishing
By Hideaways Staff
Sport fishing in Mexico is world-class and has drawn international attention, largely because of the amazing abundance of different species of fish...
Hitting The Links For A Golf Vacation In Mexico
By Hideaways Staff
Travel to Mexico for more than great beaches, exciting diving, and fabulous resorts (as if that isn?t enough.) Learn why Mexico is a splendid destination for a golf vacation, with greens along the ocean, in the desert, adjacent to archaeological sites, and as part of first rate accommodations.
Vacation Along The Mexican Riviera
By Hideaways Staff
Travel to Mexico and stop at one or all of these fabulous destinations along the Mexican Riviera. Read about which city (or remote village) sparks your interest and all of the hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals that would make an ideal home base.
Travel To Mexico To Explore The Central Highlands
By Hideaways Staff
Discover the heart of Mexico in the cosmopolitan capital, colonial cities, and charming, historic accommodations. Spend your vacation days visiting museums, exploring ancient cities, browsing the markets, and relaxing at these elegant hotels.
Make Mine An "Open Jaw"
By Hideaways Staff
The next time you plan a combo destination trip to Mexico, consider making it an "open jaw." That is, have your Hideaways Travel Services agent book you in through one airport and out another—sometimes for not much more than it would cost in and out of the same airport.
Mexcio City: Do's And Don'ts
By Hideaways Staff
Mexico City has had more than its share of negative publicity about crimes against tourists. Our sources who travel to Mexico frequently advise using the same caution and common sense you would when visiting any major city.
10 Fabulous Restaurants In Mexico
By Hideaways Staff
Don't stress about finding the perfect restaurant during your next Mexican vacation. Here, you'll find some sumptuous suggestions from Hideaways Staff, Members, and friends in the field on where to find the best resort dining, Italian food, oceanfront setting, Mexican-style buffet, and more.
Choose A Cruise...In Mexico
By Hideaways Staff
Discover the array of cruise lines, cruise ships, and itineraries available to travelers wanting to explore the Mexican coast on one of these intimate sailing vessels. Whether you?re looking for an extended vacation (is two weeks enough?) or a shorter getaway, this comprehensive list offers varied itineraries to suit your vacation allotments.
Diving Through Mexico
By Hideaways Staff
For some underwater adventure travel, go to Mexico and explore these amazing scuba diving spots. Spend your vacation exploring (submerged) colonial towns, evidence of the pirating life, and endless variety of marine life on the coast or in cenotes.
Tying the Knot in Mexico
By Hideaways Staff
Although the Caribbean is the numberone venue for destination weddings, Mexico is a very popular runner-up. Many people choose to get married in Mexico because of its stunning beauty and its more reasonable price tag. Here are some things to remember when planning a wedding in Mexico.
Hideaways' Best Of Mexico
By Hideaways Staff
In the years we have traveled around Mexico, we've encountered a number of sights and scenes we consider to be the country's most memorable experiences. Most are site-specific, a few can be enjoyed in various locations, and some are admittedly on the touristy side. But we hope you enjoy our selections...
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