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Hideaways Guide
Fall/Winter 2002


  A Coming Of Age In The Mexican Caribbean
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Mexico and follow the Caribbean coast for a vacation filled with diving, dining, culture, and accommodation options ranging from jungle and beach resorts to new hotels and vacation rentals. With quaint towns to discover and great sites to explore the culture and underwater world, this could soon become one of Mexico's top travel destinations.
Hiding Away in The Mexican Caribbean
By Mike Thiel
Here are a few of our top picks for getaways in and around Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and Isla Mujeres
Water Therapy On This Floating Vacation
By Pat Chaudoin
Gather your friends and family and travel to the Caribbean for a chartered cruise on powered yachts around the Virgin Islands. Enjoy the freedom of planning your own route and vacation days filled with swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing aboard your floating accommodation.
Yacht Charter Know How
By Pat Chaudoin
If desired, arrangements can be made for a captain to be on board for a few days or the entire trip. VIP also offers a Cruise & Learn program, with qualified staff teaching hands-on sailing skills.
The Pleasures Of Business Travel
By Mike Thiel
Hideaways Founder Mike Thiel knows both business and travel, and he has some great options that successfully combine the two. Read through the extensive list of worldwide accommodations with the privacy, meeting space, and technology to make your business travel effective . . . and interesting! From a castle in Europe to a private island resort in the Caribbean, we've got the place for you.
More Than Fine Wine in Napa Valley
By Kristyn Lak
Take your appreciation of fine wine to a new level and plan a California wine tour. Enjoy a tranquil vacation among 100+ vineyards, charming towns, gourmet restaurants, elegant spas, and luxurious accommodations. Get insight on where to go and what to see beyond just the wine.
Ten Best Reasons To Visit Ireland
By Mike Thiel
So much to do, so little time. Before you plan a vacation to Ireland, read this top ten list of things to do on the Emerald Isle. Visit two cities with a powerful past, take one of the most beautiful drives, chow down on an authentic Irish breakfast at a unique accommodation, and experience Ireland?s other sports (besides golf, that is).
Hiding Away in Ireland
By Mike Thiel
This in no way is a comprehensive review of lodging options; rather, it is a somewhat selective review of places that we have inspected or experienced, most of which we would recommend, depending on your needs, tastes and budget...
Ambassador's Report: Rejuvenating Life At Sundance Resort
By Kristyn Lak
Have you always wanted to dabble in the arts, but never could find the time? How about making the time while on vacation? Discover Utah?s Sundance Resort and its unique arts and recreation center with pottery, painting, and jewelry-making. Not to mention the cozy accommodations, Native American decor, fun dining, and year round activities.
Ambassador's Report: Banyan Tree Bangkok
By Andrew Thiel
Find serenity and tranquility in the heart of Bangkok at the Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel. Enjoy luxury travel at its best with elaborate accommodations, a high level of service, extensive spa services (including an in-room massage), and gourmet restaurants with some of the most fabulous views in Thailand.
Ambassador's Report: Compass Point Beach Club
By Katia Lillis
Travel to the Bahamas for a vacation alive with color at Compass Point Beach Club. Enjoy the resort's vibrant color scheme, white sand beach, entertaining accommodations, and private and welcoming atmosphere. Learn why eighty percent of the guests come back for more.
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