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Hideaways Newsletter
Spring 2001


  Hitting The Highways And Byways Of Europe
By Hideaways Staff
Spending a little (or a lot) of your European vacation navigating the windy roads is easier than you think. Travel to Europe and get some essential tips on left-hand driving, the best car for you, the highways (they're fast!), and maps. Read this report and you won't get left in the dust.
Profile: Princesse Royale
By Hideaways Staff
Our recommended barges—the 22-passenger Princesse Royale and the sister barges Marjorie (8 passengers) and Marjorie II (12 passengers)—wander through the low countries' cities, coastal villages, and countryside during two distinctive "seasons."
Haven In The Midst Of Mykonos
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Greece and discover this traditional, Cycladic-style hotel in the heart of bustling Mykonos. Surround yourself in the beauty of the old and the comforts of the new in this eclectic accommodation. Also, learn about some other accommodations a little more off-the-beaten-path.
Amsterdam's Prized Pulitzer
By Elise Juska
From the outside, it looks much like any other charming canal house in Amsterdam's quaint, quiet neighborhood of Jordaan. But once my Hideaways colleague, Sharon Welch, and I stepped beyond the characteristically Dutch facade, we discovered that the Hotel Pulitzer is one of a kind.
Property Report: Italy
By Katia Lillis
At Sorrento's Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria everything you'd want to experience in Italy—the beautiful blue Mediterranean, the history, the culture—is right at your fingertips.
A Non-Skier's Off-Season Guide To Utah
By Linda Murray
When I had the opportunity last October to visit the Park City/Deer Valley area—Utah's premier ski destination and site of the 2002 Winter Olympics—I didn't mind that there'd be no snow, skiing, or frosty outdoor activities. I was perfectly content to investigate the non-winter possibilities at Hideaways' Great Escapes in Utah.
Insider Report: Semeli Hotel
By Mike Thiel
It's all too appropriate that the Semeli Hotel, on the Greek island of Mykonos traces its name to the gods. According to ancient mythology, Semeli was a goddess so ravishing she attracted the love of Zeus (as well as the fatal envy of Hera). She became, and remains, one of the most revered gods on the island, her name synonymous with beauty and harmony.
Trade Winds Spring 2001
By Hideaways Staff
Hideaways International is always traveling the world to find the best escapes, but we can't get everywhere and see everything. Often, Hideaways Aficionado Members and our friends in the field, Hideaways Ambassadors, tell us about places that are of top quality, believing they might be of interest to you. We call this insight "Trade Winds" and we have several vacation options, in various locations, we'd like to share with you.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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