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Hideaways Guide
Fall/Winter 2000


  Hawaii, Deja Vu
By Mike Thiel
I'd been guilty of a been-there, done-that attitude about Hawaii for almost a decade. From my visits in the '80s and '90s, I remembered these islands as crowded, commercial, hokey, and light on true hideaways. What I had forgotten was their diversity—in personality, topography, and development—and my own rule: Seek and you will find hideaways.
Oahu: Gateway To Hawaii
By Mike Thiel
Almost every Hawaiian vacation is sure to start out on the island of Oahu. It's not only the home of the international airport, but also home to more swimming beaches than any other Hawaiian island, the only standing U.S. palace, worthwhile tourist attractions, gorgeous accommodations, and, of course, Waikiki Beach.
Molokai: Where The Hawaiians Hide Out
By Mike Thiel
Enjoy your Hawaiian vacation on the island most popular with the locals: Molokai. Check out some of the world's highest sea cliffs, Hawaii's longest beach, and a unique accommodation set on 50,000-plus acres of working cattle ranch.
Kauai: Images of Bali Hai
By Mike Thiel
Vacation in Hawaii and visit America's Bali Hai on the island of Kauai. Soak in the views of jagged mountains, cascading waterfalls, and seaside cliffs from a helicopter or hiking trail. And enjoy first class travel at one of the many accommodations, from all-inclusive hotels to private condos and secluded beach houses.
Maui: The Isle Of Sun 'N' Fun
By Mike Thiel
There's no denying everybody's favorite Hawaiian island is big and commercial, but you can find secret places to explore and hide away. If there's one island that has everything a visitor could wish for on a Hawaiian getaway, it's Maui.
The Big Island And Lanai: Reasons To Return
By Mike Thiel
Skiing in Hawaii? It is possible on the Big Island. So is exploring a living volcano, surfing, fishing, hiking, and staying at some luxury accommodations. Extend your vacation in Hawaii and visit Lanai's Shipwreck Beach for some treasure hunting.
Hawaiian Villa Living
By Mike Thiel
Choices are as varied as the islands themselves, everything from a condo in the heart of an activity-laden resort to a beach house far from the crowds. Here's a quick sketch of the condos, homes, and townhomes we stayed in, all available for rent either directly from the owners or through Hideaways Travel Services.
Resorting To Adventures In Costa Rica
By Jude David
Travel to Central America and fly through the forest like Jane and Tarzan (or just watch the Howler Monkeys do it). Check out these two fabulous accommodations in Costa Rica that offer true adventure travel, from canopy tours through the rainforest to hiking with the creatures of the night.
Do-It-Yourself Costa Rica
By Bob Fischer
For the truly independent-minded traveler, try a vacation rental on your next trip to Costa Rica. Live like (and among) the locals, and learn where to go and what to do to make the most of your vacation. You might even be lucky enough to get a personal tour guide!
Cabo's Many Moods: Playful, Mellow, Festive, Restful
By Hideaways Staff
Cabo San Lucas is a study in contrasts. Stark desert sands, cobalt waters. Legendary sportfishing, devilish golf courses. Laid-back Mexican saloons, striking modern architecture. A place where you can dance the night away . . . or sip a margarita beside a sparkling pool. Be pampered in a beachfront resort . . . or hide out in a spacious villa.
Natural Wonders: The Sea Of Cortez
By Hideaways Staff
The fertile Sea of Cortez and vast, only recently accessible Copper Canyon—a surf 'n' turf treat high on the eco-traveler's list
Amsterdam for all seasons
By Elise Juska
Travel to Europe to this laid-back, year round destination with more bicycles than cars. Amsterdam makes a wonderful vacation spot for sampling some of the world's best museums, most interesting canal cruises, and unique accommodations.
Angling For The Best Of Belize
By Mike Thiel
Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or just an outdoor enthusiast, Belize offers a multitude of exciting water- and land-based activities, fascinating wildlife, and gorgeous accommodations. Travel to Central America and try your hook at making a Belize-style Grand Slam.
Hiding Away in Belize
By Mike Thiel
Check out these Hideaways-recommended Great Escapes in Belize
Big Ski in Big Sky, Montana
By Mike Thiel
If you like your ski vacations to be about nothing but skiing, then plan a vacation to Big Sky, Montana. Steer clear of resort town extras and spend your vacation days on the slopes, off-trail skiing, or resting up at one of these trailside accommodations.
Exploring The Yellowstone Backcountry
By Mike Thiel
No crowds. No traffic. Welcome to Yellowstone . . . a great spot for a winter vacation. Enjoy the stark beauty and tranquility of the dense forests, vast prairies, and abundant wildlife in this national park. Get some tips on the best way to get around, and which accommodation offers authentic rustic elegance.
Montana Mountain Hideaways
By Mike Thiel
Accommodations around Big Sky range from mid-rise condo-hotels at the base of the mountain to secluded western-style guest lodges. Here's an overview of the most notable places to stay.
Montana For Millionaire Privacy Mavens
By Mike Thiel
If you've IPOed successfully and have managed to keep your millions (or make even more) through the recent vagaries of the market, then we have a place for you.
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