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Hideaways Guide
Spring/Summer 2000


  Flights Of Fantasy: Heli-Hiking In British Columbia
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Canada for some hard fun with this outdoor adventure company. Take it to the extreme and experience some heli-hiking atop 7,000-foot mountains, or opt for a less intense vacation traversing through some of British Columbia's most dramatic regions.
Hiding Away in The Canadian Rockies
By Mike Thiel
Lake Louise and Banff offer a wide range of accommodations, from the historic but huge Chateau Lake Louise and Banff Springs Hotel to touristy and rustic motels. Here are our impressions of lodging options likely to appeal to Hideaways members.
Ireland: A Sentimental Journey
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Ireland for a refreshing new look at the cities or a nostalgic vacation through the countryside. The cities may have grown up, but the countryside remains an excellent region for angling, hunting, and horseback riding. Discover which accommodations offer adventure tours and what to expect.
A Taste of Ireland in Dublin
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Europe and make a stop at one of Ireland?s most complex cities, Dublin. Learn which part of the city to find the best theaters, historical monuments, accommodations, and of course, pubs, including one located in this hotel's cellar.
Exploring The Irish Countryside: Three Great Drives
By Mike Thiel
As small as it is, Ireland offers visitors a lot to explore. Enjoy your vacation driving through the Irish countryside on one of these three great drives. Stay at unique accommodations along the way or pick a region of the countryside and settle in a vacation rental while getting to know the locals.
The Sporting Life In Ireland
By Mike Thiel
With its mild climate and rural character, Ireland is a paradise for out-of-doors enthusiasts. Hunting, shooting, fishing, riding, and golfing opportunities abound. Pursuing these sports here will usually cost you less than in other parts of the world, but usually requires a bit of planning.
Once Upon A Time: Irish Country Lifestyles
By Mike Thiel
Travel to Europe and travel back in time while staying at these unique accommodations in the Irish countryside. Each castle, cottage, and manor house has a story to tell, along with offering guests a fabulous place to stay while on vacation in Ireland.
Discovering Puerto Rico
By Jude David
For a quick escape, travel to the Caribbean and plant yourself on the nearly empty beaches of Puerto Rico. Enjoy your vacation on the golf course, the beaches, or at one of the island's fabulous all-inclusive resorts or private vacation rentals.
Hiding Away in Puerto Rico
By Jude David
A concise summary of a handful of Hideaways' inspected and recommended villas and resorts throughout Puerto Rico
British Columbia: A Province For All Seasons
By Mike Thiel
Summer or winter, spring or fall, British Columbia has the potential to be a top travel destination all year long. Breathe in the fresh mountain air while enjoying some hiking, skiing, dog sledding, horseback riding, or rafting. End the day with a dip in the natural hot springs, and a stay at one of these fabulous accommodations.
Canadian Mountain Holidays Has Something For Everyone
By Mike Thiel
The range of experience among my fellow heli-hikers—neophytes like me as well as veteran climbers—attests to the variety of activities Canadian Mountain Holidays offers. If you can get in and out of the helicopter, you'll find a walk, hike, or expedition to suit your interests.
The World's Best Villa Resorts
By Peg Aaronian
If you?ve never stayed at a villa resort, or even if you have, read this for some of the best in this category of accommodations. Whether you?re planning a family vacation, honeymoon, beach vacation, or are looking for a little luxury, a villa resort provides a lot of privacy, freedom, and activities galore.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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