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Hideaways Guide
Fall/Winter 1999


  St. Barth: Living The Good Life
By Mike Thiel
There are a few places in the world that seem especially well suited to the villa life. Mustique comes to mind, as do Tuscany and the south of France. And St. Barth. It's hard to imagine a Caribbean island more perfectly attuned to the vacation style we love.
A Glorious Day On Baie De St. Jean
By Mike Thiel
Ah, the dilemma: which of St. Barth's spectacular beaches today? On this day, we craved a beach that was energetic and gregarious, so we filled the hours with the sights and action of St. Barth's premier see-and-be-seen spot—Baie de St. Jean.

A's For All-Around Aspen
By Mike Thiel
Over the years, we've explored an alphabet soup of the world's top winter destinations—from A-Basin to Zurs, with Breckenridge, Davos, Killington, Park City, Sundance, Whistler, and more in-between. Along the way, however, we'd missed the "Big A"—Aspen...
Hiding Away in Aspen
By Mike Thiel
In Aspen, you'll find everything from private vacation homes and condos, to B&Bs, inns, lodges, and larger hostelries, but not, interestingly enough, chain hotels. Here is our report on Aspen's best hideaways, from elegant new Great Escapes to other recommendable retreats.
Lake Placid: Home Of The Olympics & Olympic Wannabes
By Mike Thiel
Okay. There were no crowds. The only photographer was the kid with a digital camera trying to get me to buy a photo of my Walter Mitty moment. But, hey! it was a heck of a ride, and you can always dream, especially in Lake Placid.
Also On St. Barth
By Hideaways Staff
Our nine-villa tour also included visits to a selection of smaller, more affordable (by St. Barth standards) homes for rent, including a one-bedroom hideaway that would be perfect for honeymooners.
Anguilla: Island Of Extravagant Simple Pleasures
By Mike Thiel
To some, the fact that low-key Anguilla's only features are chic hostelries and drop-dead gorgeous beaches may seem a shortcoming. But these "shortcomings" are exactly what makes Anguilla appealing to a growing cadre of sybarites who revel in the islannd's very simple pleasures.
Hiding Away on Anguilla
By Mike Thiel
In addition to visiting our Anguilla Great Escapes—CoveCastles, Carimar, and the Sonesta—we inspected some of the island's top properties, from intimate resorts to private villas with pools.
Casting Off - Diamond Cove
By Mike Thiel
It's hard to imagine more appropriate vessels to deliver you to a refreshing stay at Diamond Cove in Maine. Sturdy passenger ferries with whimsical names—Island Holiday, Bay Mist, and Maquoit II—ply Casco Bay's lobster buoy-strewn, sometimes fog-bound waters, delivering residents, vacationers, and provisions to quiet islands just 20 minutes from downtown Portland.
Casting Off
By Mike Thiel, Peg Aaronian, and Pat Chaudoin
Among our most memorable getaways are those that have required a final leg of travel by small boat. Strictly speaking, you can reach several of these secluded sanctuaries by small plane or helicopter, but we can't imagine why you'd want to. For us, each watery journey was a pleasurable, never-to-be-forgotten transition. a time for reflection and romance.
Casting Off To Seclusion
By Mike Thiel, Peg Aaronian, and Pat Chaudoin
For the ultimate sanctuary, cast off to a private island villa.
Casting Off - Puerto Isla Mujeres
By Mike Thiel
One of our favorite get-to-by-boat hideaways is Puerto Isla Mujeres Resort & Yacht Club, a stylish but laid-back hideaway on sleepy Isla Mujeres.
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