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Hideaways Guide
Spring/Summer 1999


  A Week In Provence
By Jude David
You'd think that after a week living in the French countryside, Paul and I would have realized that Grasse's perfume factories, like the rest of France, close between 12 and 2 p.m. We didn't, however, and found ourselves searching this seemingly uninspiring city for cash, coffee, and a place to concoct "Plan B" for our early afternoon explorations.
Getting off the beaten path in Mexico
By Andrew Thiel
My wife and I were about five kilometers inland from Mexico's rugged Pacific Coast, heading north on the rustic back roads of Jalisco, toward Puerto Vallarta—"PV" to the initiated.
Mexico's Pacific Coast: Hideaways for Everyone
By Andrew Thiel
The three escapes we visited in the Jalisco region serve up a menu of diverse offerings, and you can season your vacation to suit your own particular palate.
Nevis: Queen Of The Caribbees
By Mike Thiel
By air or by sea, you won't soon forget your first sight of Nevis. Its volcanic centerpiece, rising almost 3,300 feet above the cobalt Caribbean and usually shrouded in a wreath of clouds, is particularly dramatic when backlit by sunrise or sunset. It is mystical. Alluring. Like the abode of some powerful, mythical deity.
Hiding Away in Nevis
By Mike Thiel
After inspecting the island's historic plantation inns, we think the only problem you'll have is choosing among them.
A Downeast Island Reunion
By Mike Thiel
When my friend Bill called looking for ideas on touring the coast of Maine, a Downeast rendezvous seemed in order, and I had the perfect place in mind—an island hideaway in Casco Bay. We'd probably have the place to ourselves; it was mid-September, and the crowds had returned to work and school.
About Diamond Cove
By Mike Thiel
Diamond Cove is a perfect getaway for families, friendly reunions, and even executive retreats. It is both far from the crowds and easy to get to. And it provides most of the support services you would expect of a resort hotel.
The Art & Inns of Maine
By Ann & Bill Giles
Perhaps you've already heard that innkeeping isn't what is used to be, that it's been raised to an art of dynamic styles, and that inns are becoming the accommodation of choice—even over the best resorts and hotels. Many of this emerging genre are found in Maine, an entire state that could be considered a hideaway.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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