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Hideaways Guide
Spring/Summer 1998


  Sharing The Secret Of Ischia
By Katia Imbriaco Lillis
Last August, I returned to Ischia, island of my childhood summers, for the first time in five years. It was delightful to visit with my family on this familiar, lush island, to introduce my little daughter to the places I loved so, and to see first-hand just how a vacation I had arranged for a Hideaways member was working out.
Where to Stay on Ischia
By Katia Imbriaco Lillis
Ischia has a plentiful selection of pensions, hotels, and resorts, but private homes may be the best option. Two of the island's best-known hotels meet Hideaways' expectations for a small hotel/resort; rates include breakfast, service, and tax.
Eagles, Orcas, And Icebergs: A Special Introduction To Alaska
By Jude David
We were cruising Alaska?s Inside Passage, the southernmost part of the state?s coastline... Naturalists on the Sea Lion, our Special Expeditions?* ship, had shown us hundreds of bald eagles, a pod of killer whales, a grizzly bear, three moose, sea lions, sea otters, and humpback whales, to name just some.
*Renamed, Lindblad Expeditions in 2000.

Lindblad Expeditions: Eco-Travel At Its Best
By Hideaways Staff
Lindblad Expeditions brings travelers nose-to-nose with nature in some of the world's most exotic regions.
Lindblad Expeditions' Itineraries
By Hideaways Staff
Lindblad Expeditions around the globe.
Singing The Praises Of Wales
By Mike Thiel
When business called us to London for a few days this past November, I decided to rent a cottage in nearby Wales and use it as a base for exploring this less-traveled, and to me unknown, part of the British Isles.
Tips For Traveling In Wales
By Mike Thiel
Those deciding to travel in Wales may benefit from a few suggestions on where and when to stay, and how to get there.
Malta: The Mediterranean Mystery
By Mike Thiel
If you're one of those people who thinks you've "been there, seen it, done that," you certainly haven't until you've tarried a while on Malta. Its living history is too intriguing to be ignored, and its scenic beauty and sensual pleasures are too seductive to be missed.
Hiding Away in Malta
By Mike Thiel
You'll need at least a three-night stay for a proper introduction to Malta and a week to 10 days to become well-acquainted. Where you stay is a function of how long you stay, as well as your personal preferences and interests.
Son-Of-A-Gun, We Had Big Fun On The Bayou...
By Mike Thiel
"Y'all come on down for the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival," came the invitation, in an easy, southern drawl. Our Yankee friends reacted with universal incredulity to our plans to take in this big bash, held every Labor Day weekend in Morgan City, deep in the heart of Cajun country. "The what? Where? And what does shrimp have to do with oil, anyway!?"
Cajun And Creole Kitchens
By Mike Thiel
You can find anything and everything in New Orleans, but most people come to sample the local cuisine, both Cajun and Creole.
Hiding Away in The Big Easy
By Mike Thiel
New Orleans has beaucoup small hotels, and we inspected many looking for the gems. Here's what we found.
New Discoveries In The Yucatan
By Mike Thiel
It had been longer than I cared to think about—at least seven years—since we last visited Mexico's Yucatan, and in those seven years, the tentacles of tourism have spread well beyond Cancun's over-developed Zona Hotelera.
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