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Palm Island Resort
Location: Palm Island - St. Vincent & Grenadines
Profile:  TWI1150
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5.0 Guest Rating
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Average Ratings
This rating is based on 3 member ratings, 3 have user comments
For the Property/Area
Exterior Appearance
4.0 Guest Rating
Furnishings / Decor
3.3 Guest Rating
4.0 Guest Rating
Overall Service
4.3 Guest Rating
4.3 Guest Rating
Recreational Activities
3.5 Guest Rating
4.0 Guest Rating
Restaurants / Food
3.7 Guest Rating
4.3 Guest Rating
Value for Price
3.0 Guest Rating
4.0 Guest Rating
For the Owner/Property Management
Courteous / Helpful
2.3 Guest Rating
Knowledge of Area
3.5 Guest Rating

Member Comments

2.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between May 20, 2006 and May 25, 2006
- Rating added September 04, 2008

There was no air conditioning although the brochure indicates there was. The pool was small and over crowded and the beach was poor for swimming.

Does this member recommend the property? No

4.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between December 22, 2007 and January 02, 2008
- Rating added February 20, 2008

Food: expect seafood/limited. Was "brought in" from union is. - frozen! Other food: delivered to table: cold!! Big New Year's Dinner: "Pheasant" - Bull Shit! Probably sea gull! I've hunted pheasant for > 50 years - this was dry, tasteless, stringy!

Koetje, Todd
5.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between February 18, 2006 and February 25, 2006
- Rating added March 12, 2006

We have traveled quite extensively in the Caribbean, staying at high-end boutique resorts, and we have to say that Palm Island is the best place we've ever stayed. Palm Island was excellent in every category: wonderful staff and beach beach setting, great accommodations, great menu, good value, etc. You can do as much (sailing excursions, diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, tennis, golf) or as little (relaxing on the beach with cocktails) as you wish. I can't say enough about the people of The Grenadines. You will never find more friendly, gracious, fun-loving people anywhere in the islands. Several members of the staff we befriended while there have een called us since our return to the states to "see how we're doing" and "just catch up." Over-the-top service. Beachfront Rooms are the way to go. If you're looking for the best and closest Beachfronts, request from #7 to #18. While they have a/c units in the rooms, they aren't that effective, as all rooms have louvered windows throughout. We never even thought about it, as there are constant tradewinds to keep things comfortable. This is a one-of-a-kind place with one-of-a-kind people. A definite must for any avid island traveler.

The quality of Hideaways' description of the property is: Accurate
Does this member recommend the property? Yes, Highly Recommend
Kudos for a staff member: I'm assuming this is Palm Island Staff Members Don Monica Bash Vince Tricia Lewis Ping Asha Zilla Shantel Lennus Johnny

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