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The Crane
Location: St. Philip - Barbados
Profile:  WI1279
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4.6 Guest Rating
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Average Ratings
This rating is based on 3 member ratings, 3 have user comments
For the Property/Area
Exterior Appearance
4.7 Guest Rating
Furnishings / Decor
5.0 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Overall Service
4.3 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Recreational Activities
3.0 Guest Rating
4.0 Guest Rating
Restaurants / Food
4.7 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Value for Price
4.7 Guest Rating
4.7 Guest Rating
For the Owner/Property Management
Courteous / Helpful
5.0 Guest Rating
Knowledge of Area
5.0 Guest Rating

Member Comments

4.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between April 07, 2012 and April 15, 2012
- Rating added August 16, 2012

The resort is more of an owners complex, so they don't organize events or try to entertain guests. There's no beach bar type of location, and no music at any area. Also no activities planned. This was fine for us, but might be too quiet for someone looking for more experiences. The surf here is big (again great for us) but families with little kids may not like the danger or the beach location.

Booher, Myra
4.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between June 30, 2006 and July 04, 2006
- Rating added July 10, 2007

This property was under construction at the time of our visit so there were workmen walking by our private pool and room at a variety of hours and times. They were all professional and did not bother us at all, but it sorta messed with our "ambiance" and the view was superb except for the occasional dump truck that rumbled by and the dirt track they left just in front of our room. We were thrilled with our room, tho, and the hotel was excellent when you overlooked the constructio issues. My daughter, her friend, and I loved it - a nice "girls trip" and a beautiful beach/location that is not to be believed! A memorable trip.

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4.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between December 21, 2006 and December 28, 2006
- Rating added February 20, 2007

Not a good location to get to other places - had a great driver but an additional cost of more than expected, golf was very pricey! Eating out was also pricey!

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