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The Sarojin
Location: Phang Nga - Thailand
Profile:  ETH110
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4.8 Guest Rating
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Average Ratings
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For the Property/Area
Exterior Appearance
5.0 Guest Rating
Furnishings / Decor
5.0 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Overall Service
5.0 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Recreational Activities
5.0 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Restaurants / Food
4.0 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
Value for Price
4.0 Guest Rating
5.0 Guest Rating
For the Owner/Property Management
Courteous / Helpful
5.0 Guest Rating
Knowledge of Area
5.0 Guest Rating

Member Comments

4.0 Guest Rating
- Stayed at this property between February 04, 2008 and February 06, 2008
- Rating added June 04, 2009

This was about my favorite property in a two-week tout of Thailand. Extremely spacious and luxurious suites with a modern Thai decor and ambiance. Gardened beach-front setting was lush, tropical. The outstanding feature of this property is the friendly, non-intrusive service and the plentiful activities. Their staff of guides coordinated by their head "Inagineer" will personalize a wealth of local experiences for you. I particularly enjoyed a day snorkel trip to the Semalin Islands (snorkeling was so-so but the overall experience and style of doing it the Sarojin way was memorable) and most of a day spent with a most personable guide, elephant trekking, exploring the local mangrove waterways and fishing villages by "long-tail" boat, checking out a bustling local market, and finally enjoying a delicious and formally set lunch with great variety, chilled wine and butler service all on the banks of a tranquil local river. This is a place to really relax, soak up Thai culture and indulge in the excellence of Thai hospitality and service.

The quality of Hideaways' description of the property is: Understated
Does this member recommend the property? Yes, Highly Recommend
Kudos for a staff member: "Uum," my delightful guide for elephant trekking and local fishing villages/market exploration.

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