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5 Reasons to Sail Tahiti with Paul Gauguin Cruises

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When it comes to cruising the tranquil aquamarine waters of French Polynesia, no one does it better than Paul Gauguin CruisesTHC. The line's very name—from the famous French painter who was obsessed with Polynesia—embodies the spirit of this island group and its colorful, sensuous people. The 332-guest m/s Paul Gauguin is designed specifically to glide through the shallow seas of Polynesia's island groups, allowing her to travel to less-visited ports that are inaccessible to larger ships.

If you're entertaining the idea of cruising in this stunningly beautiful part of the world, here are 5 reasons we think you should consider sailing with Paul Gauguin Cruises.

1. Size Matters: The m/s Paul Gauguin is small and intimate and offers amazing service. The ship's crew-to-guest ratio is 1:1.5, one of the highest of any luxury cruise ship, with personalized butler service available in suite/stateroom categories B and above. The ship's smaller size means crewmembers will learn your name quickly and will go out of their way to meet your special requests. Unique among the ship's crewmembers is its troupe of Tahitian hosts and entertainers, Les Gauguins (males) and Les Gauguines (females)—all supremely talented and beautiful—who teach local handicrafts, retell ancestral legends through dance, and lead guests in traditional Tahitian songs.

Also, not having hoards of hungry guests to feed means the Paul Gauguin can serve amazingly fresh seafood and produce from local ports, as Hideaways member Susan Maurais related. "I have never had such quality produce," she said. "We own two restaurants, and I had never tasted fruit like this before—papaya so sweet and juicy, you just can't believe it!"

2. Longer Port Stays: You'll experience island life to its fullest with full days in most ports and overnight calls on Bora Bora and Moorea on most itineraries. For instance, Paul Gauguin's popular seven-night Tahiti & the Society Islands cruise lets you immerse yourself in the beauty of Moorea with an overnight stay, so you can lounge as long as you like near crystal-clear lagoons, take an off-road safari to the island's volcanic crater, or linger later on shore and sample the fresh local cuisine. You'll also have more time to enjoy the water toys—windsurfers, kayaks, and more—that the Paul Gauguin launches from her special watersports marina that brings you down to sea level.

3. Enrichment Programs: You're never too old to learn something new, and Paul Gauguin's on-board naturalists and special guest speakers will make sure you take home a wealth of knowledge about the region. You might rub shoulders with a marine biologist who lectures on the health of local coral reefs, or attend a fine-art workshop led by an accomplished painter (rest assured, impressionist Paul Gauguin will enter the conversation at some point), or even find yourself sailing with a self-taught winemaker who will present an informative wine tasting.

Hideaways member Christy Eisman, her husband Paul, and their young son Cooper sailed aboard the Paul Gauguin together, and Christy recalls learning even while relaxing on one of the cruise line's private motus, or islets. "Someone gave a demonstration on coconuts," she said. "It lasted more than an hour and believe me, it was very interesting. Another time we were treated to a presentation on the vanilla bean by one of the local plantation owners—fascinating!"

4. Ambassadors of the Environment Youth Program: Developed by oceanographer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, this groundbreaking program (available on select cruises) introduces your young cruisers ages 9-17 to the natural wonders of French Polynesia through interactive hands-on learning. Your kids might go night snorkeling, swimming with rays, or hiking in the rainforest, all while under the tutelage of expert on-board staff and naturalists. Some activities are designed for parents to join their children for shared learning experiences.

5. Exclusive Island Retreats: The real fun begins when you land on one of Paul Gauguin's private utopias off the shores of Bora Bora or Taha'a. These idyliic motus are private-island paradises with warm turquoise waters and deserted white-sand beaches. Here, you can while away the time swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, having an overwater massage, even learning how to tie a pareo from Les Gauguines. The best part is when they bring out the refreshments—a sumptuous barbecue feast topped off by cocktails from the floating bar!

Why spend another minute in the cold and snow? Let Hideaways Travel Services plan your Paul Gauguin cruise in balmy and exotic French Polynesia. Just email, or call us at 800-843-4433.

January/February 2016

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