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Hideaways' Great Golf 'Fore'ays

GOLF "FORE"AYS: World's best golf destinations
SPRING ESCAPE: Last-minute family getaway
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We've been around the world once or twice and experienced many of its finest golf courses. Check out our picks of top golf challenges and the best places from which to enjoy them.

If golf is your passion—or even just a passing fancy—you’ve come to the right place.  

We know the world’s best golf destinations, and we suggest that the ideal place to practice your swing, while also enjoying a vacation, is somewhere you and your significant other, golf buddies, and even the kids--or grandkids--will enjoy, like these dynamic golf courses with nearby and exceptional amenities and accommodations, in addition to truly great golf.

Don’t miss out on the global golf outing of a lifetime! Contact a Travel Specialist at Hideaways Travel Services (800-843-4433) for expert help planning your next golf “fore”ay, with special perks and privileges along the way. Try us once, and you’ll never “go it alone” again.

Bitter End Yacht Club

Last-Minute Family Escape
Come by plane, come by boat, or be really adventurous and come by seaplane!

Bitter End Yacht Club, in the British Virgin Islands, is known for water-based family fun—and there’s still last-minute availability for spring vacation. Book the popular “Admiral’s Family Package,” which includes three meals daily, the Introduction to Sailing course, and much more, and you’ll get 50% off the second room for kids.

After April 6, rates drop even lower—meaning a family of four can stay 7 nights for as little as $5,810! You’ll save so much, you’ll be able to charter that seaplane arrival! 

Ready for family fun? Call Hideaways Travel Services today at 800-843-4433, or request more information.

Hideaways Life

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If you fly south for the winter or simply split your time between two locations, make sure you never miss a single entertaining and educational issue of the member-only Hideaways Life newsletter. Provide us with both your addresses and the dates you will be at each, and we'll make sure to get your newsletters delivered to your door. 

Not yet a Hideaways Aficionado Club member? There's an easy fix for that—become a member now and, in addition to receiving all the insight in the newsletter, you'll also get member-only perks and privileges . . . the kind that really make a trip. To learn more, call Hideaways Member Services (toll-free: 800-843-4433).

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From the Field - March 2013 - Hideaways' Great Golf 'Fore'ays

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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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