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9 Favorite Places to Travel with Kids; 9 Romantic Places to Avoid Them

SUMMER TRAVEL: Where to go, with or without kids
ONE TO REMEMBER: Unforgettable family fun
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Summer's almost here, and with it, almost every excuse imaginable to travel. In this issue, we introduce you to 18 places you and your kids, or just you and your spouse, will love.

Summer is the season for family travel. But, while we at Hideaways are proponents of showing your kids the world, we also know there are times you want, and need, to travel as a couple, without the annoyance of other people’s kids breaking into your blissful reverie. 

In this issue, you can take your pick: Our "Top 9 Take-The-Kids Destinations"or our "Top 9 Just-For-Two Destinations." Better yet, pick both. Summer is certainly long enough! 

Whichever your preference, contact your Hideaways Travel Specialist soon (toll-free: 800-843-4433) to arrange your best summer adventure(s).

Tauck Bridges - Ireland Forever

40 Shades of Family Fun
With its distinct charms and 40 shades of green, Ireland is a destination worthy of a lifetime of visits.

Introduce your little ones to the Emerald Isle with Tauck Bridges' 8-day "Ireland Forever" tour. Irresistibly Irish with endless family fun, this tour includes a wink of everything, from a ghostly horse-drawn carriage ride in Dublin to biking around Killarny, step-dancing to Celtic jewelry-making, and country castles to family farms. And, don't forget, 2013 is the year of The Gathering, which celebrates all things Ireland, and the Irish in all of us.

Rates start at $3,896. Learn more or book with Hideaways Travel Services (toll-free: 800-843-4433), our in-house, boutique travel agency that specializes in personal planning and VIP perks and extra privileges not available to the public.

Capri Palace - Luxury Travel Deals

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We find and share the most exceptional, take-your-breath-away boutique hotels and resorts the world has to offer, and then we negotiate exclusive deals with them on your behalf (you're welcome!).

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TopX - April 2013 - 9 Favorite Places to Travel with Kids or Not

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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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