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Top 5 Ways to Send Mom Packing

SEND MOM PACKING: Say "Thank You" with Travel
GARDEN OF EDEN: Members Dine FREE in Paradise
FATHER'S DAY IS COMING: 5 Toast-Worthy Trips

It’s almost Mother’s Day—that day set aside to honor the woman who brought you into the world and saw you through boo-boos and that bad report card you had to tell Dad about. Isn’t it time you said “thank you” in a big way?

Admit it: You and your siblings probably caused your mom some sleepless nights and more than a little grief over the years. So why not make this the year you reward her patience and love with a well-deserved getaway she’ll remember the rest of her life? She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you’ll come out smelling like a rose. And don’t forget, dads, you could orchestrate a Mother’s Day retreat for her on behalf of your little angels who still have those trying teenage years ahead of them. 

Though it may be too late to book a trip in time for Mom’s big day, you can always present her with a Hideaways Travel Certificate in “love-you-Mom” denominations of $500, $750, $1,000, or more. Pool your resources with your siblings and really make an impact. One of our Hideaways Travel Specialists will happily work with your mom to help get her on her way to rest and rejuvenation. Just call us at 800-843-4433, or drop us an email

We realize mothers these days hardly fit the mold of the June Cleavers and Donna Reeds of yesteryear. They’re into all kinds of travel styles and interests, from active hiking and exploring to more sedate shopping and beach bumming. With that in mind, we bring you some great ideas for mother-approved travel with our “Top 5 Ways to Send Mom Packing.”

Guana Island

Dine in the Garden of Eden
That is, the Garden of Eden on pristine and private Guana Island!

This 850-acre paradise of unspoiled beauty in the British Virgin Islands is all about tropical forest, powder-white beaches (seven, to be exact), low-key luxury, and exquisite cuisine with innovative flavors, thanks to Guana’s new chef and menu.

During the month of May, Hideaways Aficionado Club members will enjoy an exclusive private candlelight dinner for two in Guana’s idyllic Garden of Eden, with stays of 5 nights or longer. This gourmet meal will incorporate the flavors of a tropical paradise with Guana’s natural beauty.

Hideaways members also receive a 10% savings at Guana when they book their stay through Hideaways Travel Services. So don’t miss this May-only special! Call your Travel Specialist toll-free at 800-843-4433 for more information and to book your stay

Father's Day, Hideaways Aficionado Club

Dad’s Day Is Coming!

It’s not too early to get on board for Father’s Day gift-giving, and now’s your chance to honor dear old Dad with a thoughtful guy-style retreat. He’s put up with his fair share, too, so show him how much you appreciate him with a terrific vacation trip.

Not sure where Dad wants to go? Then jump-start his adventure with the gift of a Hideaways Travel Certificate in whatever denomination you choose. Or, if he’s not yet a member of the Hideaways Aficionado Club, give Dad a gift membership he’ll enjoy all year!.

Check out our inspired ideas for Father’s Day travel that may just get your dad to relinquish the remote control, get off the couch, and pack his bags for adventure. Then call Hideaways Travel Services (toll-free: 800-843-4433) to get the ball rolling.

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TopX - May 2013 - Top 5 Ways to Send Mom

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