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Don't Pay More, Stay More in the Caribbean

INSIGHT: Caribbean Favorites . . . for Free!
SPOTLIGHT ON: An Authentic Grecian Beauty

Sure, plenty of travel sites have Caribbean deals. But here’s the catch: You might not like a place once you arrive. Thank goodness for Hideaways! The hotels and resorts we recommend to you—all of them—are places we vouch for based on our high standards for critical elements, from location to service. Count on this: With Hideaways, you’ll like the place you choose as much as the deal you get.

You're strolling along an impossibly dazzling beach in the Caribbean. The sun is shining, the water is warm, the breeze is just right, and there's a smile on your face. This is the kind of vacation you wish would last just a little bit longer. And now it can, without costing even a cent more.

In case the Caribbean sun, surf, and stress-free vibe aren't enough of an incentive, several of our favorite resorts--places we highly recommend based on our uncompromising
criteria--are offering "free night" deals. And sometimes free nights are just the beginning! Find your favorites now.

For help in choosing the right place for your travel style and budget, get in touch with an expert agent at Hideaways Travel Services (toll-free: 800-843-4433)--club members who've planned a vacation with Hideaways often say they'll never "go it alone" again.


The Inside Story: Blue Palace
From the moment we discovered Crete's Blue Palace Resort & Spa, we couldn't wait to tell you about this Grecian beauty's lovely location, dramatic architecture, restorative spa, gourmet restaurants, and utterly inviting bungalows, suites, and villas, most with sea views and half with private pools. Now we can't wait to share these inspiring must-dos for your next visit! 

  • Blue Palace, Crete, GreeceIn the morning, follow the locals to exotic Vai Beach. When you get too hot, find shade under the Cretan Date Palm trees--here, you'll find the largest natural palm forest in Europe. Local legend has it that the forest grew from the stones (pits) of dates tossed aside by Arab pirates.
  • In the afternoon, enjoy your member perk of a complimentary tasting of white and red wines from Crete and throughout Greece with Blue Palace's sommelier. In Greek mythology, Dionysos is the god of the grape and wine; offer up a toast or two to him during your tasting. 
  • Once the sun goes down, kick the romance up a notch with a sunset cruise around the island of Spinalonga on board Blue Palace's traditional caique (fishing boat). You'll slip through the silent water and gaze up at the twinkling constellations, while sipping champagne and listening to the gentle waves of the Aegean in the distance.
  • If you become engaged during your stay, plan on returning to Blue Palace for your honeymoon--their Romance Department will hand pick some sweet surprises to help you celebrate your nuptials in heart-warming Greek style.

"We loved our stay at Blue Palace. It's one of the most beautiful resorts I've ever seen, just gorgeous architecturally. We enjoyed the spa tremendously, and our room was very nice. It had a private splash pool and a nice terrace with a view of the sea."--Tom Bell, Hideaways member, North Carolina


"Naked" Poll Results
It's official: You're not shy!    
In a recent poll, we asked about traveling au naturel. It turns out an astonishing 90% of you will shed it all at a public nude beach or in private; 8% will visit a nude beach, but will keep your clothes on; and a scant 2% won't be seen in the buff. 

All we can say is: Pack plenty of sunscreen, especially when you travel to one of Hideaways' Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take it All Off


Rethink Booking Travel Online
You spend countless hours searching the Internet and comparing websites in the hopes that you'll find the best travel deal at a place that's perfect for you.  
Save time and benefit from made-for-you recommendations and insider deals and perks when you enlist an expert travel agent from Hideaways Travel Services. It's our job, and our privilege, to play matchmaker for you and your best vacations, and to uncover secret deals whenever possible. You already have a day job! So take advantage of our day jobs--and expertise--for the greatest vacations ever.
Toll-free: 800-843-4433


Flotsam & Jetsam
There's always something new or noteworthy in the world of travel. Here are just a few things from the world of travel that might interest you.

Channel your inner rock star at the 14th annual Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, the ultimate music-making travel experience. From Aug-12-11 through Aug-14-11, you'll relive the best of the '60s and '70s, beginning in New York City, where you'll meet your rock-star counselors and band mates, and rehearse in the Gibson Rehearsal Studios; then you'll perform live at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, home of the original Woodstock Festival. In a word: Groovy!

Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn--Francis Ford Coppola's stunning sister resorts in Belize--are two of our favorite eco-friendly luxury resorts. And they just got even greener. Both resorts recently formalized alliances with both the Sustainable Tourism Program, led by the Rainforest Alliance, and Sustainable Travel International's global Sustainable Tourism Eco-Certification Program--the gold standard for companies striving to be environmentally innovative and socially responsible. 

Jekyll Island, off the southeast coast of Georgia, has miles of barrier-island beaches, woodlands, and challenging fairways to explore. But you'll want to visit from Sep-16-11 through Sep-18-11 for the 6th annual Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits Festival, the only festival in the country dedicated to this supremely Southern dish. Highlights include cooking competitions and cooking demos, live entertainment, shrimp boat excursions, and--of course--lots of shrimp and grits to sample.



From the Field -7/11- Don't Pay More, Stay More in the Caribbean

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