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Where to Travel Now: Hawaii

INSIGHT: Where to travel now
SPOTLIGHT ON: An all-time favorite

It’s not just where to go, it’s when to go! As we criss-cross the globe, we’re seeking out destinations and accommodations we think you’ll most enjoy, constantly keeping our feelers out so we can confidently recommend the best time of year to visit. After all, the right place at the right time (and with member-only privileges) is at the very heart of exceptional travel!

With its tempting tropical temps, Hawaii beckons to you in the cooler months. There's a catch, of course: You pay extra for that winter warmth, and you have to share paradise with the masses. We're long-time fans of Hawaii, and in our opinion, now is an ideal time to enjoy its islands--the weather is delightful, the crowds have thinned, and there are deals to be had!

For help in choosing an island or islands for your Hawaiian experience, simply get in touch with a Travel Specialist in Hideaways Travel Services (toll-free: 800-843-4433); club members are invited to get the inside scoop through these highlights from our extensive online article archives:

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Hawaiian Villa Living


Spotlight On: The Athenaeum
The Athenaeum - London, EnglandThe Athenaeum in London is one of our favorite city-central-but-sane escapes. It's a perennial winner with members, too, receiving a perfect rating of "5" on

Talk about seeing London like a local! You can have your very own "flat" at The Athenaeum, which has luxurious Mayfair apartments available to rent (you also can stay in a beautiful guest room at the main hotel). Then there's the close-to-everything location, the family-friendly atmosphere--complete with a kid's concierge and hotel nannies--and a range of unique attractions, from its exterior "Living Wall" created from dozens of plant species to the 270 whiskies served in its Whisky Bar.

Last but not least, one of The Athenaeum's best qualities is its congenial and often witty staff (oh, those Brits!). The people here, like the helpful and entertaining concierge staff, will really make your day with hefty doses of good cheer and a real zest for going out of their way to make sure you have your best possible stay. Club members are invited to learn more--including how one concierge got rid of a guest's indiscretion--through these online article archives:

   Getting to Know: An Athenaeum Concierge     
Property Report: The Athenaeum


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From the Field - 6/11 - Where to Travel Now: Hawaii

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