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Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off



TOPX: 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off

Here’s the skinny on clothing-optional vacations: They can be as sophisticated as they are freeing! It all depends on where you shed your clothes. Here, we reveal our Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off, sorted into three categories for maximum au naturel options. We hope you’ll find out for yourself that there’s nothing like returning from a trip with no tan lines!

#1 (A Very Private Pool Villa at a Villa Resort) Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica (pictured above). You're floating in your casita's private pool, drinking in the most delicious views of the Pacific (and, okay, you're drinking in a delicious cocktail, too). It's one of those moments you already know you'll never forget. You came here for adventure and that's exactly what you've found--the eco-safari, the treetop canopy excursion, the surfing--but what you didn't expect was to feel so free . . . which is why your swimsuit isn't in the pool with you, and why you don't feel the least bit shy about it. Member-only perk: One private golf lesson for two and a 25-minute reflexology massage for two at Casa Spa.

  Hale Makai - Hawaii

#2 (A Very Private Vacation Home with Pool) Hale Makai, Hawaii. There is, quite literally, no reason to leave your elegant 6,000-square-foot retreat. And you haven't. Not once! Since the moment you arrived, you've found yourself delightfully distracted by a score of life's greatest luxuries, like idyllic privacy, dreamy ocean views, and high-end amenities that range from a spa tub with waterfall to a tennis court. You packed a brand new swimsuit, but you haven't worn it yet--preferring to splash around in the buff in your heated swimming pool, followed by an invigorating outdoor shower.

  Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

#3 (A Public Nude Beach) Mykonos. This small, sun-baked Aegean island is perennially nominated for the Sodom and Gomorrah Award. Its frenetic devotion to all things hedonistic makes Las Vegas look like a retirement village. However, only about one-third of the island nurtures the nudist beaches (like Agrari Beach and Paradise Beach), steamy nightclubs, and unbridled libidos that can support such chronic debauchery. The other two-thirds offer pristine villages, classic fishing hamlets, museums, and centuries-old monasteries. Hideaways-recommended nearby resort: Santa Marina Resort & Villas.


The Rest of the List
We have even more picks for places you can (tastefully) take it all off; here's a peek:

  • TopX: 9 Places to (tastefully) take it all offAn "at home" retreat in the Dominican Republic;
  • A fantastical feast for the senses in Egypt;
  • A Tuscan villa with the view;
  • A perfectly situated stunner on St. Croix;
  • A Caribbean island with a split personality of sorts;
  • A French hot spot that's popular with celebrities; plus
  • Five "honorable mentions" you won't want to miss!

See all of Hideaways' "Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off" now. Get the skinny on additional suggestions--tailor-made to reflect your travel style, budget, expectations, and inhibitions (if any)--from your Hideaways Travel Specialist (800-843-4433).


TopX - 7/11: Top 9 Places to (Tastefully) Take It All Off

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