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Top 8 Pools with a View & a Twist


TOPX: 8 Pools with a View & a Twist

Love a seductive swimming pool? So do we, and in this issue we share our 'Top 8 Pools with a View & a Twist.' So, what's the twist? Instead of presenting you with a predictable selection of pools that overlook beautiful beaches (yawn), we challenged ourselves to find modern swimming holes that will delight you with unexpected experiences that make a big splash.

In a word: "Wow!" The spectacular Patagonian landscape surrounding this hideaway is enough to take your breath away, and the four seasons' worth of recreational activities are a real bonus, along with the resort's legendary dining and professional yet welcoming service. About the experience: Some say traveling to Patagonia seems like a trip to the end of the world, but here, floating in an elegant indoor/outdoor heated pool--with its goose-bump views of two glacial lakes and three Andean mountains--you get the feeling this is where the world actually begins.

  Blancaneaus Lodge

#2 Blancaneaux Lodge, Cayo District, Belize. Tucked right in the middle of some of the most remarkable tropical forests north of the Amazon, this secluded one-of-a-kind retreat--owned by movie director Francis Ford Coppola--is rustic yet far from primitive, with luxurious touches like a Japanese bath in each cabana and villa. About the experience: Every ounce of stress just melted away thanks to a masterful massage; you didn't think it could get any better, yet you find yourself in a soothing hot pool that overlooks cascading jungle waterfalls--pure bliss!

  The Sarojin

#3 The Sarojin. Khao Lak, Thailand. This contemporary Asian oasis borders five national parks of spectacular primary rain forest, idyllic lagoons, and natural mangroves, and shares a nearly seven-mile-long stretch of golden-sand beach on the deep-turquoise Andaman Sea. About the experience: A warm breeze tickles your skin and there's a smile on your face, only no one can see it, which is part of the pleasure, of course, as you're happily ensconced in one of the Sarojin's pool-island pavilions that seem to float in the water--talk about an oasis within an oasis!


The Rest of the List
We have even more pools with a view & a twist to share with you; here's a sneak peek:

  • The ObservatoryStay and swim for more than five months;
  • Bathe under a constant constellation;
  • Bask in the "celebrity" treatment with a watery light show;
  • Enjoy a dolce-view pool; and one more!

See all of Hideaways' Top 8 Pools with a View & a Twist now. For more insight on any of these retreats, contact Hideaways Travel Services (toll-free: 800-843-4433) and see how much better your trips will be when you entrust your plans to an expert travel agent. 



TopX - 4/11: Top 8 Pools with a View & a Twist

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