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Getting to Know: The Stein Group
When European Luxury Takes a Trip

Since 2001, The Stein Group has been synonymous with the highest standards of luxury and service in European boutique hotels. Developer and hotelier David Stein is the man with the vision; fifteen properties in eight countries currently carry The Stein Group standard of excellence. We're pleased to announce that all have been invited into The Hideaways Collection® so that you, as Hideaways Aficionado® Club members, can experience the unique design, outstanding cuisine, and superior level of personal service each has to offer.

We thought you might like to learn a bit more about this wonderful little hotel collection, so we delved into finding out what makes things tick for The Stein Group.

Hideaways International: Who is David Stein and what is his philosophy?

The Stein Group: David Stein has a history of excellence in the land development and homebuilding industries. At 22, he became the youngest project manager ever for ITT Levitt and Sons, the largest homebuilding company in the world at that time. In 1982, he began development of Monarch Beach, the billion-dollar resort community in Southern California. Since he began The Stein Group, he's been dedicated to developing, owning, and operating this collection of small, luxury lifestyle hotels and resorts in Europe.

HI: What makes The Stein Group collection of hotels so distinctive?

TSG: A stay in a Stein Group hotel is like being a guest in a well-run private home. The ambience is elegant yet intimate, the meals exquisite but never pretentious, and the staff friendly yet respectful, attending to your every wish with efficient calm.

HI: Is there a flagship property? TSG: Yes, Gran Hotel Son Net in Mallorca, which was originally David Stein's home. This beautiful old finca dates back to the 17th century and has been lovingly restored to the stunning hotel it is today, with 24 luxurious bedrooms and suites. The restaurant is actually located in a century-old olive mill. The property houses an impressive collection of art, including works from Marc Chagall, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, and others.

HI: Which is the most unique or exotic hotel?

TSG: That would be difficult to say, since each represents something fairly unique. For example, The College Hotel in Amsterdam was a university building that has been totally renovated and restored into a luxury hotel. We work in conjunction with the ROC Amsterdam Hotel Management School to train young talent in our style of service. We hope that eventually they'll join The Stein Group family.

Casa Angelina is unique in that it's the only contemporary hotel on the Amalfi Coast. The hotel has just opened, and we find that many people are seeking an alternative to the very traditional hotels in the area. It's a breath of fresh air with a totally white interior which allows one to focus on the view out to Capri, the sea, and the village of Positano. Also, the hotel has more than 50 pieces of original art—both colorful glass sculptures and paintings.

HI: Which hotel has the most interesting history or story to tell?

TSG: Villa Mangiacane is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating; it's a magnificent 16th-century villa just 12 kilometers from Florence that bears the unmistakable hand of the Renaissance master, Michelangelo, and also houses original frescoes by Vasari. The estate has more than 6,000 olive trees producing a limited production of our own olive oil. Mangiacane also produces a Chianti and a Chianti Classico wine, which are also exported to the U.S.

HI: There are some renowned restaurants within The Stein Group hotel collection. What distinguishes them from others in their locations?

TSG: We believe a hotel restaurant should not only cater to the clients staying at the property, but should also attract a local clientele. And we've been very successful in that. For instance, Restaurant L'Orangerie at Gran Hotel La Florida [see "In & Out of Outer & Inner Barcelona," page 8] has a well-earned reputation among locals; it offers the best views over the city of Barcelona, and our chef is a Catalan who is passionate about his local produce. At the Port Palace Hotel in Monte Carlo, Restaurant Mandarin is among the area's most desirable dining destinations, offering a unique east-meets-west cuisine and an incomparable vantage point for watching the world's most impressive yachts pull into the harbor.

HI: Where will The Stein Group be in the future? TSG: It seems we have a glaring market niche to fill. Over the next five years, we hope to create a portfolio of about 25 small, exclusive, and luxurious hotels focused in the northern Mediterranean and in select European cities. We want to give our guests the confidence that they will always have a quality experience at each and every one of our hotels.


For more information on The Stein Group, contact Hideaways Travel Services at 877-843-4433 or Other properties from The Stein Group in The Hideaways Collection include: Gran Hotel Son Julia (Mallorca, Spain); Chateau Eza Cote d'Azur (French Riviera); Les Frenes (Avignon, France); Le Colbert (Paris, France); Hotel Alexander (Paris, France); Brownes Hotel (Dublin, Ireland); The Cadogan (London, England); Durley House (London, England); and Hotel Rodina (Sochi, Russia).

May 2006

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