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Stone House
Location: Santorini - Greece
Profile:  GR149_F
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Hideaways' Review
Protected from the strong Cycladic winds, the traffic - free winding lanes of Megalochori, all lead directly to the village square with its pretty churches and picturesque Venetian bell towers.

Tucked away in the heart of the village, a gentle stroll of 200 metres from the main square, one comes across a charming little villa.

Originally a canava, the villa was once used to produce the sweet dessert wine, Vinsanto, unique to the island of Santorini. Evidence of the villa's working past can be witnessed through two cylindrical troughs, once used for distilling the wine have been preserved to make unusual interior light features.

The name "Stone House" is derived from the exterior of the house which is clad in local volcanic stone.

The Stone House can only be described as a small treasure. Thorough and endearing workmanship has produced a celebration of the uncluttered lines of Santorini architecture.

The enclosed cobbled courtyard has a private plunge pool which doubles as a Jacuzzi with four massage jets to one side of the pool. Both the landscape and beautiful stone façade of the house are further echoed throughout its interiors. Decorated in a warm and unaffected style, the canava has one open - plan room in muted tones which serves as a sitting room and bedroom.

A small kitchenette is located to the front of the villa.

The resplendent bathroom of gracious proportions has a stone banquette and large shower.

The inherent simplicity of the "Stone House" has intentionally been left to shine through. It is perfect for a couple that are looking for a small, traditional and unique Santorini home on the island.
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