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Horizon & Co.
Location: United States
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Hideaways' Review
Always wanted to be up-close-and-personal to the action at Formula One racing? Dreamed of getting a ropes-side view of Tiger Woods putting in on the 18th at The Masters? Or maybe you want to feel the excitement of the crowd, first-hand, at Wimbledon's Centre Court. Now you can, with exclusive and often impossible-to-get ticket packages available through Hideaways and Horizon & Co.—our choice for offering you some of the most prestigious and difficult-to-get tickets to the world's most extraordinary sporting events.

Founded in 1963, Horizon & Co. has decades of experience in orchestrating personal travel experiences to specialty sporting events for the most discerning travelers. Every detail is attended to and every aspect of VIP service is met by the dedicated Horizon & Co. staff. Here's what one Hideaways member had to say about her memorable experience at the 2008 Masters Tournament.

Our trip was fantastic! Horizon & Co. had everything well organized, and everyone was very professional and helpful. For example, the airlines broke my brand-new Ping driver in transport, and a Horizon employee had it reshafted for me in one day. And The Masters was great! An experience not to be forgotten!

Whether cheering with the sometimes-rowdy crowd at The Ryder Cup, sipping mint juleps in high style at the Kentucky Derby, or racing with a professional driver at Richard Petty's Driving Experience, you'll be wined and dined like the VIP guest you are when you travel with Horizon & Co. Stay in luxury hotels, attend glamorous soirées, enjoy privileged behind-the-scenes access, and be pampered beyond belief. It's all part of the Hideaways and Horizon & Co. experience.
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