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Grand Hotel Lienz
Location: Lienz - Austria
Profile:  TAU115
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Hideaways' Review
It's been said that everything old is new again, and only an elegant, refined hotel like the five-star Grand Hotel Lienz could elevate that adage to pure art form. For here, tucked into an exquisite valley in southern Austria and framed by the Dolomite Mountains, lies a chic new hotel designed with traditional Tyrolean influences that juxtapose effortlessly with stylish, modern interiors. Even the concept of this grand hotel—blending a mountain retreat with the health benefits of a high-level spa and medical center—seems reminiscent of some celebrity-studded playground from the golden era of Audrey Hepburn.

You can expect to be completely pampered as your every wish is attended to, from champagne and strawberries delivered to your suite, to having your cycling gear washed after a day spent touring the mountains. And you'll have no problem drifting off to sleep; each of the hotel's 72 Junior Suites and 4 Royal Suites has a large, lavishly linened bed as well as a spacious sitting area, a sumptuous bathroom, and dramatic views of the surrounding mountains.

Of course, simply breathing in such clean mountain air undoubtedly would produce positive health effects, but Grand Hotel Lienz goes even further with its extensive Beauty and Wellness area offering a full range of Ayurveda programs and spa treatments like the rejuvenating "Stones of the Dolomites," using local herbal oils and warm, natural stones from Europe's only free-flowing glacial river. All the health benefits of the hotel's complete Medical Center also are at your fingertips, including medical check-ups, targeted therapies, and traditional Chinese medicine, all overseen by accredited specialists. And once they have you feeling totally "in the pink," you'll truly appreciate the subtle flavors of Grand Hotel Lienz's delicious gourmet fare and fine wines.
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