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Villa Mangiacane
Stein Hotels
Location: Florence - Italy
Profile:  EIT217
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Hideaways' Review
Any good vintage needs time to mature—and the centuries that have brought this nominally "new" hotel to its peak flavor have been rich indeed. Built in the 17th century for one of the Machiavellis and owned for generations by the noble Mazzei family, the rose-colored villa has mellowed under the Tuscan sun amid vineyards and olive groves.

History and Italianate opulence are the dominant notes in both the main villa and its new addition. Restored 17th- and 18th-century frescoes grace the walls, and furnishings tend toward antiques such as the amazing silver bed from India in the Royal Suite. Rich fabrics drape every window and bed; every bathroom is a profusion of marble (with, naturally, the de rigueur modern luxuries of walk-in shower and Jacuzzi®). Even recently added elements such as the African Shona sculptures in the garden and the cool swimming pool blend seamlessly with the flavor of the past.

Standing on the loggia gazing through the soaring arches at the rolling hills and the towers of Florence in the distance will make you feel as lofty as an Italian marchese surveying his domain. The loggia is also the perfect place to savor some of the fruits of that domain while dining al fresco—unless you'd prefer to sample Mangiacane's own chianti while sitting in the Vinoteque cellar, or sop up its homemade olive oil with crostini while sitting by the fire in the olive oil kitchen.

All this, plus the temptations of Florence at your doorstep when you deign to leave your aristocratic aerie. A heady bouquet in every way.
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