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The Viceroy Bali
Location: Bali - Indonesia
Profile:  TIO126
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Hideaways' Review
Lounging against the cushions in your bale—a thatched-roof pavilion perched between your private pool on one side and sweeping views of the lush Petanu River gorge on the other—with a fresh selection of succulent fruit and a drink in an elegant fluted glass at hand, you can be forgiven for feeling just a bit like royalty. After all, this is the upland region that was the seat of Bali's royal residence in centuries past, and the lavish service at the Viceroy Bali is designed to make you feel special indeed.

Each of the airy, beautifully appointed villas makes a luxury out of sheer space, with its lofty roof and expansive doors inviting in the sounds and serenity of the outdoors, and is secluded enough to make you feel like the ruler of your own private domain. Can't live without your big-screen TV and Internet? Of course you have them—but far more enticing are the sun lounges beside your glimmering pool and the massive tub in the bathroom. Summon up a gourmet lunch to be served on your terrace, or arrange for an in-room massage followed by a long soak in your flower-filled tub—whatever you desire!

For the full Viceroy experience, however, you may need to venture beyond your own villa. Make your way over the stone bridge and past the elephant statues to Lembah Spa for the sybaritic pleasure of a high-tea package (foot bath, massage, facial, and three-course tea). Book a table at CasCades for dinner and savor specialties such as braised beef with coconut sauce or grilled fish wrapped in a banana leaf, as the spectacular view over the gorge fades into dusk. And when you're ready to meet the masses, a host of diversions are yours to command, from cycling tours to elephant safari rides, scuba excursions to a sunrise volcano trek, browsing for local crafts in Ubud's market to visiting the monkey forest or the former royal palace—just to remind you of the royal treatment that awaits you back at the Viceroy Bali.
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